A New Tool: How To Percolate – Video!

Sometimes we just need to…do nothing.

Not think about anything, not do an exercise, not walk, not sit, not read, not work, not even dream.


The process I call “Percolating” can help you in so many ways: It’s how I come up with my ideas and get them onto paper and video. It’s how I work out what I need to say to my husband – without “working it out,” “figuring it out,” or anything mental or masculine energy.

I just let it…sit…and trust that it will gather itself together. And then it does.

All by itself, full of energy and excitement, it bubbles up and asks to be heard.

All I have to do is open the space for it, and…up and out it all shows up – fully formed.

Everything, in a simple, ingenious order. The ideas, the WANT I can’t seem to touch right now…everything.

To get help gathering all of your intuitive desires, your ideas, your wants in a way that feels: Good to you, good to a man you express it all to, good to the world of work and business – get great, private session coaching and 24/7 support for 4 weeks – at an incredibly affordable fee in Rori Raye Siren Circle Private Coaching here: https://coachrori.com/siren-school-siren-circle/

In the “How To Percolate Video.” you learned the basics of how to do it…and here, in this video, you’ll get examples, scenarios and Scripting to use Percolating to save a relationship, get a great relationship started, and move what you have now into what you WANT!

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