A New Tool To Help You Shift From Puppetmaster To Beloved Woman! – Video

Here’s a New Tool about how to “drop” Puppetmaster Control in the “moment” – and then instantly connect with a man… ….

plus, how you can get coached by me, personally, in the live Puppetmaster Masterclass on Sunday the 15th!

On Sunday, November 15th, (10am Pacific, 12 noon Central, 1pm Eastern, evening in Europe, and dawn in Australia!) – we’ll be working together to find immediate solutions for your situations, create personal “Scripts” to help you ease the transition from “Puppetmaster” (the vibe that pushes men away) to “His Beloved Woman” (the vibe that’s so powerfully attractive and so easy for a man to connect with, you’ll find yourself overrun by great men, and solving the problems in your relationships right now.

The cost is $97, and we’ll be together for at least 90 minutes, live over Zoom – where I’ll be answering your questions from the chat screen, Scripting, and working with you to solve your immediate and urgent-feeling situation, and even coaching you live! (You’ll also get a full Manual and worksheets – plus the video replay!)

See you there: https://coachrori.com/the-puppetmaster-masterclass/ Love, Rori

Here’s the video!

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  1. kim hemphill on November 14, 2020 at 11:10 am

    nice reminder to not be a puppetmaster