A New Way To Be With The Blues – Video

It’s hard when the blues take you over.

It’s hard to even “put your finger on” what exactly started the takeover – yet, it’s so easy – crystal clear, even – to know what it’s about:

It’s always something that happened. someone said something, he did something, something you wanted didn’t show up, something didn’t go well…

It was a moment out there.

And – we’re all taught that we should “be above” reacting to what someone else might consider “a small thing.”

Yes, we can battle it, and try to keep it out of our consciousness – yet, that just succeeds in painting us all over – inside and out – with “the blues.”

It just makes us feel generally sad.

It makes it harder for us to grasp what happened and find a way to fix it! Or re-do it! – or even, what seems like a horrible idea when you’re in the grip of the blues – Radically Accept it!

This video gives you a new way to “work” with the blues when they show up – so you can get on with “working through” what it was that began their takeover.

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Love, Rori

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