adrienne everheartHi, This is Adrienne Everheart, and I’m so happy you found me.

I would like to share with you - My Personal Relationship Journey - How I Use The Hard Lessons I've Learned, So You Don't Have To Make the Same Mistakes.

Your Relationship Can Feel Wonderful Again, and Be Saved!

You Can Learn the Tools that Turn You Into A Man Magnet, and Make You Irresistible.

Don't let another precious day go by as your relationship falls to the wayside.

The quickest way to begin turning things around is to treat yourself to a complimentary coaching session with me.

My Story, and How It Can Help You

You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Your relationship can feel wonderful again, and it can be saved!

I remember when I felt I had all the tools to make a lasting marriage with my husband.

I was educated in psychology, human behavior, and communication. I was proactive. If we had a problem, I set out to research and solve it! My husband loved me immensely, as I did him.

With a background like mine you’d think I would have had it all together.

I was so wrong.

So what happened? How could I have been so wrong? How did the floor drop out below my feet?

Maybe my story is familiar to you.

My relationship had issues regarding Emotional Distance, Commitment, Pornography, and Avoidance.

My husband often worked too much and I felt lonely. When he finally spent time with me, he’d be catching up on sleep or on his computer. If he did reach out to me, I’d be feeling too angry and push him away.

We tried therapy, workbooks, and alternative healing. Not only did these methods fail, but we both felt even more helpless in saving our marriage.

Therapy was supposed to help and work! We were doing all the right things. Why wasn’t our marriage improving?

After a particularly long and exhausting therapy session, we decided to give up.

Our ten year marriage ended with both of us crying in each other’s arms, confused, and feeling helpless. How could we love each other so much and not make it work?

Now divorced, I found myself getting swept up by men who were emotionally unavailable. Other men came on hot and heavy, and would soon flee the scene. I was still doing something wrong.

I again entered into therapy and also scoured the internet for every eBook, and Relationship Recovery Program I could find. Every single break-up repair guide, and strategic “text your ex back into your life” – I’ve likely read them all! None of these strategic guides or therapy sessions helped me secure lasting love. I was only getting lessons in manipulation.

Then, at the bottom of my reading stack was Rori Raye’s Have The Relationship You Want. I didn’t have much faith in this book considering therapy and all the other books failed. But about ten pages into it, I could tell Rori knew all the tools and secrets. I felt a shift in my body and spirit that was undeniable.

The best part is that for the first time in my adult life I now felt authentic and grounded as a confident and feeling woman. Everyone began to notice this change in me. Relationships with everyone in my life improved, and I was feeling happy and hopeful!

I began to pull quality men to me – men that would literally appear out of nowhere. My on-again-off-again man began to come closer and seek commitment after breaking up only months prior.

I had at long last discovered tools that worked. My thoughts quickly went back to my ex-husband. I hoped we could at long last reconcile, but it was too late. He was remarried and with a child on the way. My heart was broken yet again.

If only I knew then what I know NOW. I firmly believe I could have saved my marriage.

You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Even though I was educated, it wasn’t until I received tools and training from coaching that my love life and relationships improved.

Becoming a Certified Rori Raye Coach allows me to help you quickly learn the tools that will make love a lasting success in your life.

Whether you want to turn things around and save your relationship, or are dating and wanting commitment, or just desiring to pull a quality man your way - I can help!

You deserve a secure, loving and mature relationship that LASTS.

I can help you avoid the mistakes I made so that you can KEEP the love of your life or grow an everlasting love with a new man.
All in Love,

Adrienne Everheart

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