Attract Him – A Completely New Rori Raye Law Of Attraction!

If a man comes up to me, I think: That was supposed to happen.

I want to look for the good stuff in that interaction, not what I need to “fix.”

I want, in fact to stop judging the moment, the man, the interaction altogether.

I don’t want to be “adjusting” my thoughts and my energy to attract something different, or better.

I just want to be me.

Just me, whatever, however that is, and I know that I truly have no idea who I am!

Come learn a completely new way to attract the man and life you want that has NOTHING to do with how you’re “being,” or what you’re thinking.

It has to do with what you’re “practicing.”

I always believed in my heart that I was a non-person.

Just a clever woman getting by on smarts, on “channeling” what people wanted me to be into what I was – and I don’t think, for most of my life, I ever stopped to ask myself who I was and what I wanted.

Here’s where sex really helps! It’s hard to deny the body’s desires…and yet, I used that powerful force for no good.

Rather than making me feel desired – I only felt GRATEFUL that someone wanted to have sex with me.

So what I attracted were men who were decent, kind, sweet, and friendly! Where our main connection was sex.

I didn’t attract them because of any “reason” other than THAT’S what I WANTED!

They were attracted to that person who was me because that’s what I was SIGNALING THEM I wanted – not what “I was putting out there.”

So – for me, the complex thing here is what I’m wanting. Not WHY I’m wanting it, but what I’m wanting, and looking at that and feeling through that.

And then, things begin to shift.

For me, wanting safety, and something old that made me feel safe – but that actually hurt – was my “norm.”

Slowly, as I began practicing paying attention to what I wanted and what I was feeling, it became way clear that what I “thought” I wanted and what I actually DID want, deep inside – which was anything that felt safe and “normal” – were completely different things.

All I had to learn was to “get used” to the new experiences I was “practicing” as they happened, and pay attention to myself.

The things I was wanting were perhaps not so “safe” for my inner self – yet, they FELT GOOD!

This is how I baby-step my own personal journey.

From the get-go, I found myself judging myself (and others) so much less. That judgment was my “safe place.”

What I do for myself, and what I’ll be teaching you is this: If I do find myself judging myself – I just love my judge!

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