Bad Hair Day – Video!

Sometimes even the smallest thing can make us want to retreat behind iron bars of our own design.

We feel emotional.

And we don’t necessarily feel happy-feeling emotions or sad-feeling emotions… …sometimes just irritating-feeling emotions can make us want to go away from life.

Make us want to retreat, to literally shutdown our systems. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Sometimes, “retreat” is the best-feeling thing to do!

Yet, for many of us, “retreat” can become a “go-to.” It’s easy to just plant ourselves somewhere alone, when being seen by others feels stressful.

It can become a habit.

I am not one for affirmations, or giving yourself “tasks” – I am all about sinking into what you’re actually feeling – and following what appears from there.

What bubbles up…

Here’s the Video:

I find it an amazing thing.

A human thing, a magical thing…. that when you sink all the way down to the core of what you’re truly feeling: fear, pain, sadness, anger, terror, rage… those feelings lead you ELSEWHERE – to OTHER feelings.

Sometimes feelings lead you to what seems “down” – further down into even more unpleasant feelings…yet, for me, that just means you haven’t got to the bottom yet!

Once you’re at the bottom of a feeling, and you allow yourself to feel it thoroughly – no matter how unpleasant it feels in the moment – it morphs!

That feeling starts heading upward, and feelings of generalized love and peace take over.


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