Be His Everything

with Mariah Grey

Hi, This is Rori Raye, and if the man you want seems to be coming in close to you - and then going away again...over and over...

Physically: He's sometimes with you and sometimes somewhere else after work and on weekends...

Emotionally: He's sometimes madly in love with you, and sometimes not even knowing you're standing in the room with him.

And mentally: He's old enough and mature enough to know what "relationship" is, and what "commitment" is - yet, he seems to be so utterly clueless you can't help but think it's because of something you're doing wrong...

If the man you want is dicey, squirrely, confusing, here and then gone, calling and then not, loving and then cold...Mariah Grey can help you, fast.

You can know, likely for the first time, how to be a man's "Everything" without "doing everything" for him and the relationship.

What if you could turn things completely around?

What if, instead of coming and going, rubberbanding, going hot and then cold, sticking like glue and then disappearing and doing everything that feels designed to keep you off balance - you could feel him turn immediately, consistently, constantly, devoted to you?

What if it only took a tiny little shift in your "relationship dynamic"?

A tiny shift that's something you've never tried before, and he's never seen from you before.

Something with no games, strategies or pretending.

And - something WAY easier than what you're doing now?!

Is this scenario anything like your experiences with men?:


You're the perfect girlfriend...

I mean - a seriously great girlfriend.

You're pretty, smart, funny, and kind.

You know all of his favorites - foods, drinks, music, places, you name it!

You keep the house clean, you're independent, you make money, you cook like a chef and have Rock Star sex.

He's number one in your world and you make sure he knows it.

You even send him cute little texts all day to let him know you're thinking of him.

His friends and family LOVE YOU - they say your the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Since you came along, he dresses better, works harder, has grown so much as a person, and it's all thanks to YOU.

You are making him a better man!

So, why is he the only one who doesn't see it?

Why is he still withdrawn, ungrateful, and moody?

Why do you feel like he barely likes you some days?

Or - worse yet - why did he LEAVE?

What more can you do?

There's nothing more frustrating in the world than caring about someone and a relationship and having the man you love just...sit there.

He takes it all in, takes everything you give him, and gives to you when he feels like it...which is usually enough to keep you going...

And not enough to make you happy.

This idea we've all been taught, that women are supposed to be the one who "keeps a relationship together" and "makes it all work" is not only exhausting - it's WRONG!

It plain doesn't work.

And now - Mariah's going to let you in on the secret WHY it doesn't work - And what WILL work for you (even if it feels hopeless right now):

mariah new2

Hi, This is Mariah, and I know you're trying so hard to Be His Everything.

And I know, too, that all the things you're doing are actually working AGAINST you!

It sounds CRAZY right?

But, I am telling you it's true!

All that effort and energy you've been putting into showing him what a great catch you are - has actually been LOWERING your value in his mind.

Instead of feeling warm and cared for, he is feeling boxed in, bossed around, and stuck.

The good news is - it's not too late!

Take a GIANT STEP BACK and breathe in.

You can fix this - and I can show you how.


In the Siren School Class "Be His Everything" - You'll quickly learn how to be effortlessly irresistible - by doing WAY less than you think.

You'll be walked, step-by-step, through little shifts and changes that make a BIG impact.

If What You Want Is To:

* Get him to commit to you, deeply and permanently...

* Reconnect your distant relationship...

* Find a new relationship that feels supportive and loving instead of exhausting...

* Be treated the amazing, loving way you've been treating men your whole life...

This class is for YOU!

Love, Mariah

To get a feel for how amazing Mariah is, how warm, real, genuinely caring and full of great new Tools to help you "Be His Everything" quickly - here's  bit of an interview!

Hope to follow your baby-steps and great results with Mariah in Be His Everything! Love, Rori