Become A Relationship Coach – What Is A Coaching Business Like?

How does it feel being a relationship coach? Well, it feels weird... and wonderful!

Getting up in the morning without a clear-cut day ahead of you (a day that's being run by someone else - someone who's in charge of your time) - feels weird.

It feels like you're playing hooky from school, taking time off, not doing anything "important."

It feels "wrong."

It feels wrong even if you have tons of work to do, a to-do-list miles long, and deadlines.

It feels like some sort of "game," some sort of "hobby."

It just doesn't feel "real" in the way we women (and men!) were all taught "real" was supposed to feel.

It's supposed to feel like "school." Like a chore.

And - like school and chores - it feels like it's supposed to have tasks and assignments assigned by someone else!

All of a sudden you want to look over your shoulder, look to the head of the classroom, look for "notes" and "memos" from "the boss.

Only, right now, there in your bedroom, your living room, your kitchen - there's no one telling you what to do. Telling you what you have to do.

It's a moment that might happen many times a day for you as you get used to "calling your own shots":

The "Where's the "person-in-charge" moment:

All of a sudden you feel the WANT to be able to have someone to tell you what to do - because being in charge of yourself and your day (a WORK day!) can feel like you're at sea. Lost in an ocean of stuff to do, and no clear orders.

Left on our own, without direction, we might get trapped on Facebook looking for instructions from some "marketing expert."

We might buy programs, get into support groups and clubs and still... When we get up in the morning, there's no one there to tell us how to USE those hundreds of things we've just learned.

We might hire someone to "manage" things, without knowing exactly what it is we want them to "manage," or how that should "look" - or how much you should really be paying them for what they do.

It's both frightening - and glorious!

Long ago, I learned that being an entrepreneur, working only for myself, is the only profession I was ever designed for.

And no one in my family - going back as far as I can see - has ever had that "entrepreneurial" gene.

All I know is, I have never been designed to follow the instructions of someone else, for a company whose benefits and goals to serving others does not originate with my own dreams.

And - I have always adored telling other people what to do!

So teaching was in my bones... And yet, after seeing my daughter through elementary school and junior high school (and then taking her out of school to homeschool her along with incredible friends we'd met - who've stayed lifelong friends and almost family) - I knew the school system was not for me.

I am always going in my own direction, whichever way I feel inspired to walk.

I seem to be always rebelling against the status quo, and against what anyone else is saying out there.

The hallmark of my work as Rori Raye creating the Modern Siren methodology and philosophy is often the complete opposite of what nearly anyone else says out there.

So, what I have learned to do is to get up in the morning and do exactly what I feel like doing

And, amazingly enough, what I feel like doing nearly always turns out to be exactly what needs to get done!

Getting up to walk my dog becomes the best thing ever.

Taking a moment to feed myself well becomes a fabulous moment of reading something fun.

And by then, I'm so brimming with ideas and the desire to do stuff I can barely contain myself - so I call what I do next "work."

Yes, there is some "grunt work." The tiny stuff your "assistant" is supposed to handle, going back to fix or do something, the email answering and Facebook monitoring...

Yet, sometimes I really like grunt work!

Sometimes the little, seemingly "below my pay grade" tasks seem easier and more fun than bringing a vision that's huge into reality... It grounds me.

A little like cleaning the kitchen sink, or re-organizing my sock drawer.

And sometimes, I don't feel like doing anything at all.

I don't feel like answering my email or my Facebook notifications notes or doing anything.

And then, I've noticed, if I let myself sit through that and actually do something fun in that moment instead (and making myself exercise or do something that's "good for me" doesn't count!) - in a very few minutes I start to have this strong urge to do the thing I thought I didn't want to do!

All of this unfolds in an extremely feminine energy way.

Yes, it seems really weird to talk about being a coach as a feminine energy thing.

It seems whenever we're "getting stuff done," or giving instructions to someone else, or teaching and coaching a client to take risks and do new things - that's got to be "masculine energy," right?

Well, for me, that's just "old thinking."

Instead - try this on: "getting things done" happens directly from the inspiration, motivation, excitement and desire originating from your feminine energy!

What brings your dream, intuition, inspiration, desire into something concrete you can feel, see and hear - is just a slight shift into "action."

And we're all used to this!

  • We get up out of our chair and we walk towards the TV to change something.
  • We get up and walk into the kitchen to look at the refrigerator...
  • We get up and walk down the street to look at something...
  • We pick up a book that interests us, we put on clothes that give us the most enjoyment the moment we see them...

Once we get into this idea of enjoying every single thing we do - even if our brains are telling us that what we have to do isn't enjoyable - everything begins to end up in the enjoyable category!

Even when things break and need to get fixed. Even when things are scary. Even when we're sitting across a video screen from a new client who's feeling desperate and crying - and in that moment we think we have no idea what to do or to say...

You already are an "artist."

You're the artist of your own life, no matter how you "judge" it right now - and it's just one small step to get from where you are right now to being an artist who can both design the kind of life YOU want - and help design someone else's life, too.

Most of us have been taught to do most everything from our heads, which automatically categorizes most everything as masculine energy.

What works so much better for a woman is to learn to do all of that from a place of inspiration and desire - which automatically categorizes it as feminine energy

This is how things get done without stress.

And amazingly, this is also how: When you get something done - an idea for something ELSE pops up for you as something you WANT to "get done."

Inspiration leads to more inspiration...

Inspiration that led you to one "action" suddenly inspires you again and gets you moving where you want to go, rather than holding you back with all the old "reasons" we've been taught to "resist" getting certain things done.

This works no matter how big you go. No matter how cozy you stay.

And, as a coach, this kind of "inspiration creating inspiration" is crucial, because you'll begin to ATTRACT clients. Once people can "feel" that your heart is in all aspects of your own "work" - people will gravitate to you to help them do THEIR own work on all the aspects of THEIR own lives.

And - we all know this: the idea of "working on yourself" is something nearly everyone resists. By learning how to slide by that old training yourself - potential clients will recognize you and want to be with you instantly.

It makes it so much easier to move into action when you know it's just all overflowing from your heart.

It sounds so lackadaisical... And yet, you will end up getting 10 times as much actually done is anyone else you know who's operating from masculine energy.

While they're all tuckered out from running around from the ideas of their heads... You're going to be filled with creativity and vision and energy.

And, for me, the creativity, vision, artistry, energy and instinct to heal others you have to offer the world as a woman is our hope for peace on this planet.

You can fix the intimate battleground...

When men can no longer be the kind of man they want to be, when they don't "feel" like men, they can become extremely angry. Violence bubbles up.

We see this all over the world - people who feel so bad about themselves that they need to blame the rest of the world, and then go around trying to eliminate that world.

Within the confines of a relationship, this battle becomes very intimate.

It causes women to wonder why they even want to be married or in a relationship, and yet the external and internal strings pulling on that want to be married or in a relationship are so strong. It's an incredibly complex situation for women these days.

What is so needed out there is coaches who can help women who've been taught (all of us) that feminine energy has something to do with being demure and quiet... When it's completely the opposite.

Feminine energy is the most powerful force anywhere.

Storms and hurricanes and all of nature are feminine energy.

We women contain emotional depths that men are never allowed to get to... And yet, women have been kept from the natural fields of artistic expression that they are made for since the beginning of time.

For the longest time, only men were allowed to be writers, artists, chefs, scientists, engineers, doctors, architects... And though this has changed, it's still not completely fixed.

The "reasoning" behind keeping women out of "power" has always stemmed from the idea of women being "emotional" - or "hormonal" - and therefore incapable of actually creating anything of worth.

I paint, in watercolor, and one of the teachers I studied with for a long time said, in a video training, that "no great art has ever been made from wet on wet painting."

What "wet on wet" watercolor means is: you put water on the paper, let it stay wet, then put wet paint into or onto the water. You keep putting wet paint into wet paint, letting the colors and shapes blend together.

It's a very unpredictable way to "do art."

You don't use "brush strokes," you actually "drop" paint into water or wet paint that's already on the paper.

Many watercolor artists START with wet-on-wet, often for large areas like sky, sea, grass... but, as my teacher said - hardly any artists use this wet-on-wet technique all the way through a painting.

Most like to keep control of the paint, using other techniques that "build up" a painting - like layering with "glazes."

What my teacher said stuck in my head - and yet, all I ever wanted to do was play with water!

I struggled with what I thought I should be doing and what I wanted to do.

Then I discovered a famous, great artist - yes, a woman! - who paints the most delicate, glorious, awesome things ALL in wet-on-wet. From beginning to end.

Well, if I'd listened to what that art teacher had said, I would never have discovered that there's a way to do things the way I instinctively want to do them - even if it's a little harder and looks a little different...

The Art of Coaching

The Rori Raye Method of Coaching™ is so completely different from anything you've ever learned in school, except, perhaps in an acting class or a dance class.

So - I call it an art.

Coaching is such an intuitive profession.

Like massage therapy - you can feel the lumps and bumps and tension if you know what you're doing.

And as a coach, if you know what you're doing, you can feel the anger under the smile, you can feel the pain under the anger, you can feel the tension, the resistance - everything...

With the Rori Raye Method™, instead of just asking more questions, you'll actually know what to say to "fix" her situation for her.

And yes - it can be fixed.

Thousands and thousands of women have actually been able to fix lifelong patterns on their own - just from reading my books and watching my programs.

They've watched Modern Siren and actually turned their whole internal attitude and philosophy around in a way that's completely changed their love life - without effort.

You already are a coach, so...

If you know you're meant to change the world and make a difference - just as the woman you are, without suiting up into some kind of masculine persona...

If you're ready to change the discussion on every level: romance, relationship, marriage, sex, love, parenting, money, respect, self-esteem - of everything in life - using your most creative, artistic, intuitive, instinctual, feminine impulses and energy...

Schedule a live, video appointment with me to talk about what's inside you, and see if Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training (RRRCT) might be the only thing you need to make your dream real.

Learning something as new as an entire profession - including business creation from the ground up - can sound overwhelming.

Your friends may say it's impossible for you - that you don't have the time, you don't have the "stick-to-itiveness," you don't have the money to invest in yourself - or that the world is already crammed full of coaches and there's no more room for you to begin.

That kind of non-support is something we all deal with in our daily lives.

Yet, when you get inside RRRCT, all of a sudden, you'll feel enveloped by a sisterhood where supporting each other is recognized as the fastest track to success - not the competitive "drag" everyone assumes it to be.

RRRCT is filled with coaches supporting each other to success - like Helena Hart and Leigha Lake, Carrie Stanfield and Valerie O'Ryan and so many RRRCT "sisters" have.

...that's why we consider RRRCT an "incubator."

I consider myself your "mentor" - not just someone on the sidelines with "the name recognition."

See if RRRCT is right for you and message me.

Being a "Superstar Coach" isn't fiction anymore...

When Helena Hart, Leigha Lake, Amanda Neil, Valerie O'Ryan, Carrie Stanfield, Jeanine Staples, Jenn Jolie...began the 2013 pilot program of RRRCT, they didn't know they were going to be superstars - but it happened for them.

They came in - as you might - with nothing.

They came with an idea and a hope, and they came with fear, too.

They feared marketing and promotion, feared they weren't "special" enough or "deserving" enough, and they feared they'd never be "good enough" or "know enough" to even make a living as a coach.

They feared "putting themselves out there."

Coach Megan Weks found her man in the toughest city: New York:

After so many years in New York City of bad relationships and weak men who had no business anywhere near her, Megan Weks met her man and got her fairytale wedding.

She knew she'd done it using Rori Raye Modern Siren tools - and now she wanted to become a coach.

Because she was working in the corporate world when she began RRRCT, she understood what was ahead of her in terms of "working" on her own coaching business.

And because she'd also had the amazing experience of getting out of her head and into her body and heart while meeting, dating and marrying her man - an experience that felt effortless - she understood the feminine energy concept of the RRRCT "Business Siren Protocols" that were helping her "work" in a similarly effortless way!

Now, she's pretty much at the top tier of her profession, both the go-to "dating" coach for women in New York and an international expert with a huge following.

What she's able to charge, and get, for a "package" of sessions or a program, the number of women she's able to bring into a room in NYC just to hear her speak is something that never even occurred to me as possible back in the RRRCT pilot program of 2013.

And over the last 7 years, it's happened for lots of brand-new coaches. Gabrielle Grae, Rogue, Sami Wunder, Teal Elizabeth, Michelle Manley, Shahrzad, Andrada Dan, Silk many (and in so many parts of the world) it actually feels shocking.

I believe it's because of this:

We don't make Rori Raye clones - we help you make yourself into the coach you want to be.

So - what is it likely to look like for you to get up every morning, be learning new techniques and methods for transforming women's lives while finding your OWN calling, your own voice and message, and getting it out into the world?

...To be working for yourself as an entrepreneurial coach determined to help women and possibly men all over the world to have their dream of a great relationship - regardless of whether you've had a good or "bad" day personally, or whether you yourself are in a great relationship?

No matter how you feel when you get up each morning (whether you're used to looking forward to a plan for the day, or used to just sliding through and feeling overwhelmed) - every day has a routine that you're used to. A routine that you know to "do."

You get up and walk your dog, feed your dog, feed yourself, take a shower, do something with your hair and makeup, look through your phone, check your email - you have a routine.

You already have one, whatever it looks like!

So - the trick is to sneakily put your entrepreneurial tasks and fun things into that routine.

The last thing in the world you want to do is upset your routine, or finish your routine and be faced with a blank slate.

And the truth is - even a great big to-do-list feels like a blank slate.

The Evolutionary To-Do-List

(You'll find this in The Business Siren's Handbook), where every single, solitary, tiny, itty-bitty step for doing anything and everything is on that list.

The mind-blowing quality of the Evolutionary To-Do List is that not one thing on the List is written down or treated as more important than any other.

Just hearing me say this probably sounds chaotic. And that's the idea!

We all feel chaotic, all the time - sometimes on a subconscious level, sometimes consciously - and we use our energy up trying to "make order." We feel the need to make order so we don't have to feel the fear around chaos.

Well, what happens when you start to embrace and fall in love with chaos?

What happens when you start to believe that chaos is actually feminine energy and creative inspiration?

You start to look for the Desire! You start to look at things that jump out at you.

Things that lesson stress. Things that have a glimmer of fun about them.

Most likely, these things will make your mind say "oh that's not important I shouldn't do that..."

And that's the easiest way to throw yourself off!

Instead, you should always be doing what you feel as a glimmer of Desire.

Even if it feels like a big have-to... a big chore... Sometimes the pull towards that is not so much mental as some kind of heart connection pull... You just don't know why.

You may think it's out of duty, but you may actually have something to say that needs to get said. You may need to make some kind of moves you hadn't yet thought of.

Trust these kinds of intuitive hits. Lean toward the thing that has the strongest pull for you.

Often - even this very moment that I'm writing to you - I'll be eating or looking at books I'm reading - and want to do things anything other than sit down and work.

And then, all of a sudden, a nagging voice comes up. Surprisingly, it's not the "have to" voice or the "duty voice," it's the "...Wait! I have something to say!" voice. This voice says, "Grab your phone and start talking into it!"

So I do that. I just turn on my phones "Notes" and start talking...

And when I feel like stopping, I stop.

You'll be so shocked to find out how much you want to say.

And emailing it to yourself is a really easy next step - because, yeah, you'll want to read it!

Sometime during that day you'll want to read what you talked into your phone.

And then, you're going to want to fix all of the punctuation - or send it to a friend to proofread and punctuate it.

And then you're going to feel like making a picture to go with it, and suddenly you're doing social media. That's how it works.

One Desire leads to another. One tiny itty-bitty task that doesn't seem to be related to any others leads to another itty-bitty task.

It's important to make sure you know how "things" get done.

It's important to understand what you're doing every step of the way of building your professional coaching practice for one reason and one reason only: if you don't know what you're doing and why you're doing it, if you don't know how things work - you'll never be able to trust anyone you hire.

If you don't know how some basic things "are done," when you feel frustrated, or something's not working the way you want - and you're relying on someone else to make sense of it - you'll feel helpless.

You won't feel in charge of what it is you want to say. It will make you feel unsafe and weak.

This is the biggest reason why people quit their dreams!

It's so easy to lose heart, because, without understanding how things work - you may just "hire" people to do what you don't know how to do.

And then, when things break or just stop working, you can feel an incredible sense of fear and panic.

Sometimes, just a tiny little thing can sit and not get done when you rely on someone else to do it. And expense, stress and fear can build quickly over tiny things.

It's so simple, most of the time, to get those tiny things fixed. It's a huge, amazing feeling to "fix" something that enables you to keep going with a project that's following your Desire.

And you won't be alone! There's not a fashion designer alive who doesn't know how to cut a pattern and sew. Not one. Not ever. There's not a great chef creating amazing combinations of food in the finest restaurants in the world who doesn't know how to cook an egg, wash a dish, use an oven.

Not one airplane pilot who doesn't know how the pieces and controls of her plane work... And what they're made of.

Not a makeup artist, or fashionista, or hair designer who doesn't know how products work (and want to keep discovering new and better ones!).

So, to me - it's completely silly for a woman entrepreneur doing business online to not know how websites work, how links work, how a Funnel works, and even how to code a bit. It's not hard - it's just the ABC's of your business.

Perhaps no one else out there thinks "knowing how something gets done" is important - and perhaps that's another good reason to want to talk to me...

Inspiration is always showing up for you.

Every time you get an idea from watching a movie, reading an article, seeing something online it makes you feel highly competitive, this is your opportunity to write something, do a video, sketch out an idea, make a photograph create a graphic... Anything...

Everything you see, or read or do that's inspiring creates more energy for you.

Inspiration is what leads you to doing something for yourself from a total feminine energy place.

Your feminine energy begins everything with Desire - and then the "action" simply flows from there.

You'll begin to understand how your boy energy is making things happen completely at the behest of your feminine core energy. It's not complex - you can just feel it.

You're either in your heart, or you're above your neck - in your head.

The way we women were taught by men in a masculine world to do things, to create order, is most likely not the way you best work.

So - consider this: What if the way you work, the way you think, the way you feel, the way you put thoughts and feelings and bits of work together - is unlike the way anyone else works, thinks, feels, does...?

What if, all through school, all through your childhood and teenage years - they'd just let you loose...?

Would you have created amazing stuff on your own, and become confident in your creative abilities?

Yes! This is exactly how confidence is built - learning to trust yourself, saying and doing what comes to you, saying and doing what inspiration tickles you to do - and experiencing the world's response to what you've said and done.

This is SO totally different than doing "assignments" in school - where you can never fully feel like "taking credit" for what you create and do when the instructions all come from someone else - someone outside of you!

How you'll get clients:

Well, this process is actually as old as the hills. When I graduated from CTI training in 2001, there was a book called Get Clients Now by C.J. Hayden. It's now in its 3rd edition. And guess what!

This is exactly the same process that EVERYONE is still using now! It's never, ever been "outdated," even with constant changes in software and the internet.

The biggest boys and girls out there in online marketing are still using the same process that "Get Clients Now" used, even before the web and Internet marketing came into everyone's experience.

The difference is just in the technology. We now have so many more ways to do these things. We have social media. It's a smaller, more reachable world.

And still - you draw people to you in the same, age-old way that "magnetism" works. People know you hear them and they begin to like you and trust you. They begin to like and trust what you do and say.
And they want to work with you.

Feminine energy is gathering, masculine energy is hunting

You're not going to hunt for clients - you're going to gather clients.

And in the same way that you gather clients, you'll also gather information. You'll also gather the pieces of all the ideas and projects you want to do.

There are so many ways to meet clients. The idea is to "try things out" - and you'll naturally find your way to what works and feels best for you.

All this happens in totally feminine energy!

You do NOT have to do "everything" you read about out there to "promote yourself"!

The idea is to "do" the things you like doing! The things you're good at. The things that feel good. The things that most appeal to you when you least expect inspiration and an idea to come to you.

If you're big on Instagram and Facebook anyway, you may veer toward social media first. If you're a designer at heart - you might move towards graphics and Pinterest.

If you're an extrovert, you may want to simply wander around your town, gathering new friends and referral partners! (Just because it's old-fashioned and low-tech to talk to spa owners, hairdressers, lingerie boutique owners and any women you meet anywhere doesn't mean it doesn't still work...Because it does!

Things go in cycles, but the old standbys never go away. Connection and relationship is always what it's about.

If other people have told you how "hard" it is to be an entrepreneur and have your own business - and how hard it is to get clients - don't listen to them.

They're not you. You are you. Let's see what you can - and want to - gather!

If you're at all like me, what you want is a real life.

Not just ideas in your head, "wants" that don't come to anything, dreams that fade as soon as what passes for "real life" shows up, men who come and go, promises that aren't kept, same-old-same-old that repeats itself over and over again.

Sometimes things may "spike" for a bit - they feel new and fresh, you feel more alive - and then they fade back to "normal."

When they fade, it feels like all you're left with is a yearning for that "zone" again.

You're a woman.

Being a woman comes with this: you have an amazing bit of profoundness in you, a profoundness that society, civilization, and everything we "see" out there barely acknowledges.

You understand chaos, you understand complex wants that often seem to conflict.

If you're like most of us women, you often feel what other people are feeling and believe it's what YOU'RE feeling.

...You get talked into other people's lives and stories and rules - just because that's what we were taught from the beginning.

So - what is "a real life"?

If you're anything like me, a "Real Life" is where you wake up wanting to see something, experience something, "do" something, hear something, taste something, and you feel so excited you want to move your body out of bed.

And then, when that's done, or begun, or experienced, some NEW urge and Desire surfaces, and then you follow that.

People don't just pass by, they enter into some same space with you - and the interaction brings you more of everything, and teaches you more of everything - no matter how it feels or how it turns out in "the world."

This is what we coaches mean when we talk about "inner work." (At least when I talk about it.)

Once you discover how smooth and intuitive the connection between your Desires and wants and your actual experiences can be - you're already knee deep in a "real life."

Things start showing up. Men, love, money, fun...

And this is what we call "happiness."

Being an entrepreneur is a natural place for a woman.

Feminine Entrepreneurship is a new, vibrant place where your wants and Desires lead the show.

  • Where amazing things show up, where you instinctively and organically "get" things done, where you make new and awesome "things" you've always wanted to make.
  • Where you're all of a sudden "in charge of you" in a new way - and you feel "professional," instead of "hobbyist."
  • Where the "fraud" feeling you may have once had (we ALL start there!) becomes a good laugh, and you feel able to do what you want to do - to be useful, to be known, to be seen, to be well paid, to say what you think and feel and have the world HEAR you.
  • Where amazing things you may have once let "by" - all of a sudden are FELT.

These "things" you just now feel, things that have to do with your happiness that may have always felt like dreams, but "just out of reach," all of a sudden happen for you.

All of a sudden, the dream feels "real."

If you feel an urge to have something MORE than what you're living now, be a coach.

Change people's lives - and change your own.

Many years ago, when I emerged as a successful coach and begin creating books and programs, I learned from experience that personal connection with an actual coach was the important piece to truly help a woman "put it all together."

That coaching itself was the key.

Back then, when I was just getting going, there weren't many coaches at all - the field was empty.

Now, there are more coaches, but hardly anyone gets real results.

On top of that, everyone who'd become a good and successful coach is quickly moving past one-to-one coaching and becoming a digital "guru," as I had.

I also noticed that the method of coaching I'd developed over years, along with the Modern Siren system and Tools was working so much easier and faster than anything else out there.

And - there was only me using it!

This was the beginning of Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training, and of a way to teach you The Rori Raye Method™ of Coaching.

RRRCT has always been conducted in a very personal - and "loose" way.

Though the training itself is highly structured week by week, it's "looseness" is in the artistic, theatrical, improvisational, and highly intuitive way it flows.

These qualities cannot be taught just through the written word or watching videos - just as real-life transformation can't be taught just through words or videos. This is close to dance and acting training.

You have to have a teacher working with you. Observing your body, your eyes, and most important - experience seeing you as "The Coach so we can give you real, moment by moment coaching and feedback.

As an actress my whole life, and a director for many of those years, working with people both innately talented and not, I discovered methods to loosen up even the most frightened actor into becoming completely natural and authentic on stage - even while speaking Shakespeare.

This methodology may look a bit like role-playing, but it's anything but traditional.It's a bit like improvisation, without the built-in requirement of being funny!

Instead, the built-in requirements for The Rori Raye Method™ of Coaching are instinctive compassion, a firm decision to live in love rather than in judgment, and to allow your client to see right through you.

It's in learning to coach someone else, while inhabiting yourself as a completely authentic, transparent person - that not only makes all the difference for your client, but changes your own life moment by moment.

There was simply no one out there doing this kind of coaching.

Everything I experienced, even at Coaches Training Institute, where I studied coaching, was either goal-oriented, or a string of disconnected "inner-work" exercises that led a client "into" themselves - but with no way to use the information they were getting.

In the Modern Siren toolbox, the inner work is meant to deeply and quickly change the way a person instinctively operates outside - in the world.

And then - it works the other way, too.

Coaches trained in The Rori Raye Method™ say: "We work from the inside out, and from the outside in."

From the outside "way" you look, act, speak, do, your deepest innermost core.

And from your deepest, innermost core of feelings, sensations and impulses to the way things "look" outside.

The Tools are also meant to bring every bit of input from your outside world into your deepest inner core, while keeping the pathways so clean, clear and exuberant that your client - and you! - can feel alive and "loose" at all moments.

It's learning to "be in the zone" - in a way that feels like magic you can create on your own.

Once this spark is lit, coaching can become a joy.

What would it feel like to be "turned loose" and "stay loose"?

In watercolor painting, what we talk about always is "staying loose...."

"Staying loose," to me, means not getting fussy and overworking things.

I like this idea in my own life.

Staying loose means letting your body hang loose, letting your mind hang loose, letting your feelings hang loose... and all of these lead to true authenticity and a flow of feelings that allows you to feel joy.

All you need is a "method" for learning the skills you need.

A method that's tailored for you, and you alone. A method that works with your personality, your learning style, and what you envision for yourself. A method that turns you, your creativity, your instincts, your intuition, gifts, your inspiration, and ALL your emotions - loose!

I look forward to talking with you!

Love, Rori