Being The Coach In Coronatimes

Now is a difficult time. The coronavirus has stripped us of our “normal.”

We have nowhere to go except where we “have to” and “need to” – work, the grocery store…

It may seem like a foolish time to begin a new career.

And yet, it’s not only the perfect time to become a coach – these coronatimes are the greatest time ever in history for women around love, romance, relationships and dating.

I know that sounds weird. I mean – how can you even “Circular Date”? You can’t leave the house for anything “fun”!

And – that’s the WHY of why this is such a great time for women.

And, therefore – why this is such an amazing time to become a professional coach – and QUICKLY.

Here’s a list of some of these good reasons:

1. Online dating: Men can no longer bed you and then ghost you. They cannot get quick, disconnected sex. They can’t go to a bar, find a “social partner” for an event or an evening – or ANYTIME!

Men can no longer use online dating apps like Tinder for quick “hook ups” – because they can’t hook up with ANYONE!

2. Casual ANYTHING is OVER!

In fact, men are FORCED to do “relationship” in the way we women have ALWAYS wanted to do it: Slowly, carefully, step-by-step. With conviction, purpose an intention.

A man now has absolutely NO WAY to HIDE who he is and what his motives are beneath “chemistry”!

3. He’s forced to talk to you.

And, so, you, as a woman, get to experience him as a person before chemistry overtakes your emotions.

And, for us women who daily, instinctively want to “cave in,” “be nice,” and don’t always stand up for ourselves – we now have “rules of the road’ to adhere to. Rules that EVERYONE has to adhere to.

4. We are now offered a moment in time to be appreciated, sought after, and courted because of who we ARE on a level of depth we’ve never before experienced. Superficial is now completely worthless to dating.

All of the “casual” men have dropped out because of the work involved in “courting” women, and the lack of immediate gratification.

5. The “good” men are all out there now, reveling in the circumstance that they, like us women, are now in. Circumstances where depth, humor, vulnerability, realness, kindness and genuine strength of character are now being rewarded.

These good men are now front and center, getting their chance for a real relationship with a good woman – without worrying about the superficial, or about instant chemistry.

*And this is where you, as as “The Coach” – come in big time.

6. Now is the time to be a coach, because ALL of dating is now ALL ONLINE! It’s all completely NEW!

It’s not even this usual sequence: online chat, talk, then meet at a coffee shop…

The coffee shop is OUT! Restaurants, movies, bars are OUT!

Now, the use of Rori Raye “Scripts” and Feeling Messages is even MORE crucial. The playing field is leveled. It’s now completely clear and obvious to everyone that it’s all about the “vibe.”

*If you can coach a woman (and yourself) to develop her authentic, deep, emotional, real, feelings-first, intuitive nature by learning to express herself in words and body language that match the way she feels – she will have WAY more success at everything: love, relationship, work… than any other woman in the world who does not have those skills.

7. Coaching is the #1 way people who have always had the funds to spend on self-improvement, feeling better in tough times, and improving their chances of finding love and having success in work have chosen to invest.

And now this is almost ALL they have available! YOU are all they have!

You will find more clients now than ever, and build your business faster – if you have the incredibly effective Rori Raye Method of coaching under your belt, and are personally mentored by me and the brilliant RRRCT Master Coach Teachers.

In RRRCT, you’ll have not just a “plan” to follow, you’ll actually be hands-on helped by the entire RRRCT team to make this plan REAL, all in the space of 22 weeks.

8. So many women are now stuck “in place” with a man they may be living with or married to, or in a committed or even once casual relationship with – and find themselves completely trapped in this relationship that now seems glaringly, obviously awful.

You are needed!

9.The RRRCT tuition is going up in two weeks – so lock in your RRRCT Spring 2020 fee now and save $500…

10. Right now, you have time you didn’t have before. You can now use that time to study, come to RRRCT live classes, hang with me and Master Coach Teachers over Zoom, email with me, work with me over google docs, practice the new skills you learn, and build your business!

11. You can set up a private meeting with me to find out if you and I – and RRRCT – are a good match to make being “The Coach” REAL for you. (If you’ve already spoken to me privately over Zoom – you already know if you’ve been accepted into RRRCT! If we haven’t met yet, just write me here, and Melanie, the RRRCT admin, will set up a session for us.)

Ask About Becoming A Coach

We’ll talk about you and your dream of the kind of life you want, and you’ll be able to quickly see how all of this can happen for you.

12. Now is a sad, confusing, difficult, and sometimes fatal time for many women around the world. This is also the time for you to switch gears in your own life.

*To see what’s really important to you, to perhaps create a business for yourself so you won’t have to depend on anyone else for work.

*To spend your time on this planet doing something you LIKE! Something that feels fulfilling, allows you to work a completely flexible schedule, allows you to be the boss of you without ever caving to anyone else – and to be completely supported, cocooned and mentored by me.

I hope to hear from you, look forward to working with you to help women all over the world – beginning with making your own dreams real.

Love, Rori


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