How To Build A Successful



You have a business (or want to have a business!), and don't yet have an online BIZFunnel (or don't have one you feel good about!), and are feeling overwhelmed by all the noise out there about:

♥ What a Business Funnel actually IS,

♥ How it works

♥ How To start "making your Funnel" or piecing it together from what you have already...

♥ How much money and time you have to invest in it...

♥ How to even know if it's going to work for you

♥ How to even start thinking about how to make it happen...

♥ If you have a business, but no real online presence...

♥ If you're feeling pulled in so many different directions by so many peple out there telling you what "you have to do" to bring in clients and customers...

And all of this is making your head hurt (because you're deep into your masculine energy trying to figure it out and make it happen - or figuring out how to hire someone to do it for you) and literally overwhelming and exhausting your true, naturally creative Feminine self...

The BIZFunnel Mini Workshop will immediately help you!

You'll be able to:

♥ Understand what a Business Funnel is!

♥ Know the options and choices you have to choose from...

♥ Learn how your Feminine Energy will guide you into making Funnel decisions easy -  so you can choose what to do from your "options list" easily, gracefully, and with the least effort and cost...

♥ Help you "Gather" together your BIZFunnel from the glorious chaos that is your creative self...

♥ Help you understand the "tech" of a BIZFunnel, and help you make quick decisions about Doing-It-Yourself or hiring someone (in my long-time experience, there's very little about a BIZFunnel that you can't do yourself - and quickly!)


...If you're beginning to feel like you're only allowed to "arm yourself" with the stodgy, masculine "assets" of your intellect and determination - instead of with your entire self (including your emotions!)...

 ...because you're doing "work", and all your life and work training tells you you're supposed to - or...

... because you're running an entire business single-handedly - or

... because you WANT to be a badass businesswoman and run a hugely successful business without stress, frustration, overwhelm, or the Imposter Syndrome nipping at your high heels...!

You can turn it all around - with a flick of your wrist.

Join Rori Raye, Naomie Thompson and Natalina Love at the BIZ Funnel Mini-Workshop on Sunday, and learn "How To Have A Successful BIZ Funnel!":

Yes, you can turn it all around, with just a flick of your wrist, as though you have a magic wand.

Because you ARE carrying a magic wand!

Only that wand is inside you, and also outside you, running through you, running through everything around you!

It's your innate, always present, always incredibly powerful Feminine Energy - and always inspired by your Feminine WANT.

You haven't "lost" that power by hanging out with the "suits".

You've only "bypassed" that power, because it seems like the reasonable thing to do.

In fact, letting your Feminine Energy "run the show" will feel "unreasonable" to you at first - as you make the switch.

rori attract him

We all know the Rori Raye Modern Siren Tools work for love...

...And what you may not yet know is that:

The Rori Raye Modern Siren Tools work for you in business, too.

Yes, this is a completely new paradigm.

Hard to get your head around.

(And actually, once you get into "work" from your Feminine Energy - you'll see that the big win here is getting OUT of your head entirely!

Literally dumping the whole "top down", "from the thouughts in your head to everything else" way of doing things  - and instead using the Rori Raye Feminine Energy "Gathering" Method!)

The Modern Siren Tools specifically designed for creating your success in business - Business Siren Tools! - can lift you right out of top-down, stifling, masculine energy "order", and bring you to the quick, effortless solutions and creative business-building of Feminine Energy in the blink of an eye.

It's not even about how you "do" things.

It's where you're coming from when you do things.

Come to the free "How To Succeed In Business From Your Feminine Energy" Business Siren Workshop on Sunday and:

♥ Learn New Business Siren Tools for The Feminine Art Of Work

♥ Talk personally with Rori Raye, Naomie Thompson and Natalina Love about your dreams for the profession and business you personally want to develop - and discover how your unique gifts and interests will work for you as a Business-Builder using the Rori Raye "Gathering" Method...

♥ Feel Empowered in your Feminine Energy, as you learn to express your Sirenity in a tough professional marketplace filled with pressurizing masculine energy!


Many of us don't believe we deserve what can bring us pleasure and success, so we don't even bother to explore knowing what we want - and yet a Siren's power comes from learning to use "Desire" as a skill!

Where do you want your desires to take you?

See you at the Workshop!

Love, Rori