rori beauty blurIf you'd like to know the secrets of how I built my Rori Raye brand...

...and work with me personally to do those exact same things for yourself...just contact my assistant, Melanie, and she'll schedule you in for a private Zoom session with me!

For All Of Us Women - Feeling Independent And Successful And Happy In Our Work Is Crucial To Making Our Romantic Relationship With A Man Work

I've discovered that many of my clients need help not only creating their personal, romantic "marketing" on online dating sites - but also help with their businesses.

Because of my experience building my Rori Raye brand and business all by myself - everything from writing content and designing book covers to writing website "code" and creating and running all kinds of marketing campaigns - I know I can help you by "Mind-Mapping" your business and putting an action plan together for you quickly.

As you contact me, and get scheduled for a session with me, be sure to let me know if you already have a business up and running or want to make your dream business become real, what you want your business to look like as it grows - and let me know your website URL (if you have one).

This way I can study your site and your business model - and give you feedback the moment we start working together.

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Here's an idea of how quickly you and I, together, can make a difference for you around success and systems:


... (and this is from a MAN - and it's only the Masculine Part of Having It All and Walking The Feminine Trail) (Warning: Expect (and be prepared) to completely change nearly everything you "think" or have "heard" about image, content, website construction and design, and marketing - and to go into action quickly to implement those changes):

Testimonial from Julian Walker at

"I am 100% confident that anyone wanting to take their business to the next level should consult with coach Rori Raye. After several years of seeking new strategies to build my list, expand my reach and generate more sales, a one hour call with Rori has been the key!

She spent the session giving me detailed feedback on my website, explaining the art of choosing images and crafting text so as to connect personally with visitors, capture email addresses and establish a mutually beneficial relationship via autoresponders.

I implemented her ideas right away and went from adding 4 emails a month to my list to adding over 300 in the last 2 months. Not only that, the all-important interactive engagement of clicking links and reading articles has increased by around 15%!

I am happy to say that I also had my first sold out event since 2008 thanks to this effective strategy. Thanks Rori!"

Right now, I'm only taking on business coaching clients as I did with Julian - one session at a time. This way you'll be able to implement the website/blog changes we make (or create a website/blog from scratch...), generate new content and marketing initiatives - and measure results as we go along.

If you like the way my Rori Raye business and brand are performing, and how the businesses and brands of those I've coached and mentored are performing - and would like to get some fast, powerful help for your own business (or your vision of your own business!) let my assistant Melanie know, and she'll schedule you in for a session with me.

Since this is very personal work - one-to-one - We'll do a quick assessment of your business situation and website design and functionality and create specific action steps that will make a difference...

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