Carla Leigh

About Coach Carla Leigh

carla leighHi, I’m a free-spirited, gutsy Southern Hippie Chick who thought I knew how to “do” love.

I remember days of being laser beam focused on A MAN only to be alone after a year or two. I was completely baffled when he left.

I am here to coach you, because I’ve been there

I am a twice divorced, single mother who knows just the challenges of juggling your family, career and love life.

I learned to heal my broken heart, find love and stop the wrecking ball that was destroying my love life.

With small changes in my words and actions and BIG changes in my energy, I literally began to have men to choose from instead of one man to CHASE after!


You can dramatically shift your vibe from urgency to serenity, adventurous, gutsy and self-confident through easy to use tools, practical and easy ways to speak and by investing in YOU.

You will be amazed how quickly things can turn around.  For me, I turned it all around in a matter of weeks!

Through weekly coaching sessions and email communication, we will work quickly through the broken heart healing and right into attracting forever love.

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