Coach Sanaz Shiraz – About Becoming A Professional Coach In RRCT

from Sanaz Shiraz

I have been following all of Rori’s programs for more than 7 years. However I hadn’t found out about her coach trainings, until it happened very accidentally , once I was checking her website.

Since that moment, the thought of Becoming a coach and applying Rori’s methods to help other women, couldn’t leave my mind anymore.

Her methods had helped me miraculously, what if I could share them WITH RIGHT METHODS to other women?

I was convinced until then, I never do it in a right way.

My way of giving direct relationship advice and push my friends to see what they do “right” and “wrong”, was known. And I had observed that that method never really worked.

Even if the time was right, I was on that time in parental Leave (my son was 6 months old, when I started with RRTC) and were looking for some career change, my financial situation didn’t seem to be right. But I still couldn’t imagine to give it up: We will be trained by Rori personally!!!!

So I borrowed the money.

The RRCT program, is a treasure of so many years of Rori’s valuable tools and practices. Before starting I was not sure, if Rori will really invest much time in live sessions with us and to my surprise, she was the one, who was extending the sessions, until we are all on board.

She had/has a huge stand and commitment for success of each of us. Even if we had many pitfalls, many breakdowns and self doubts.

We had also another 3 very skillful and amazing master coaches, who trained us. I always came out of the lessons full of motivation and the feeling of workability, no matter with how much self doubt I was going to the lessons.

From the first lesson we were thrown in the cold water and very soon I had got the feeling, I can do it without any problem by myself. My classmates were also amazing like minded women in their feminine energies, so very encouraging and supportive. We are still close and offer some programs together.

I have also to praise a lot the Biz part of RRCT. Not coming from a business background, this part was also a big worry for me. Rori herself were coaching us individually base on her years of experience of what works and what doesn’t.

She was not teaching us how to do, she literally was taking our hand and going with us the way.

I remember the night she pressed the button of publish of my website. If I were alone I would never have done that step out of fear!

A year later, I am so flattered that I can help other women. It is a honor, that clients of mine are amazed about their own wonderful results.  This work is really fulfilling.

And all of these was guided and conducted in feminine energy, it felt even like a healing process for me, an evidence (the only example I know) that business can be done with feminine energy.

Thank you Rori and the RRCT team.

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