Coach Shellie Lee

Love from Shellie Lee

What if I revealed to you amazing secrets on how to:

* Draw in YOUR Mr. Right SUPERQUICK – with many Mr. Rightnows along the way

* Turbocharge your professional ‘fuel’ to propel you out of being stuck – and with a new VIVACITY

* Discover and LIVE a life with MEANING and fulfillment – bringing you the joy and significance you KNOW you’re meant for

 I’m Shellie Lee. I’m here to tell you ALL of this is not only POSSIBLE, but it is your TRUTH!

YOU already have this power, this energy, these elements – within your soul, your very core.

No matter what roadstop you feel you’re on in your life’s path, no matter where you are in your quest for genuine Love with the perfect man…

You can and WILL fundamentally harness your powerful feminine elemental energies and profoundly shift EVERYTHING!

YOU are meant for something more, and you are going to have it.

I know you’re thinking….RIGHT, really? How do YOU know?

Because I’ve lived it.

I transformed from feeling pointless, unlovable, and like my life really held no meaning…to feeling and BEING purposeful, LOVED, and like my life expands more and more with fulfillment and treasures.

I had let too much of my life pass by.

“Next year I will have more time.”

“When I get my stuff organized…”

“When I get my finances sorted out…”

“When the right guy comes along…”

That time and these open-ended “promises” to myself slipped by, year after year.

I went through 4 reorganizations at the corporation I was employed at, where I continued to work feeling trapped, powerless, and unsatisfied. Not to mention exasperated at the relentless (unappreciated) hours.

I went through a divorce, dated guys my friends set me up with, did online dating through three separate sites, and wondered what in the !@#$%&! was wrong with me that even the ones who seemed promising, always ended up being hurtful, being jerks, or I’d run like heck from them.

I had unfulfilled dreams. I felt I was wasting away in a life where I wasn’t impacting anything, anyone, nor myself – I was merely existing with no point.

My thoughts were limiting me. My feelings were guarded and I had a rather large fort of protection around myself.

Life’s “interruptions” happened continually. I was swallowed up within my own comfort zone of “why,” “WTF”, self-pity (yes, I admit it), procrastination from fear, and apathy from feeling stuck.

What I realized, it was my own spiral that kept me there.

But no one knew it, because I was always boosting and helping everyone else with their own problems! I loved supporting others, yet I remained in my own hole.

One day, I decided things HAD to change. My brother was in the hospital, and I was sitting with him. Since the only thing he could do at that moment was simply be there stuck having to listen to me, I told him:

“Don’t do what I did! Don’t waste years of your life going through the motions and making yourself miserable for people who will never get it.

When you’re 100 and on your deathbed, no one will remember the stupid amount of hours you put in at work. No one will CARE! YOU won’t care!

What YOU and everyone else will remember are the things you did that were special.

Going on memorable vacations, all the wonderful moments you spent with your family as the kids grow up, doing things you WANT to do that make you HAPPY! Better things will come for you.

You have no room now. Make room. Because I love you and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did wasting my life on things that don’t matter.”

And in that moment I realized when I was talking to my brother, I was also talking to myself.

Tough love from myself to me.

I didn’t want to be on my own deathbed, regretting the energy I put into things that didn’t matter, and regretting the things I DIDN’T do, “because there would always be tomorrow.” Yet many tomorrows came and went by.

I decided to make a change. RIGHT THEN. It was not too late. It’s never too late!

I became a coach under the extraordinary and world-renowned coach Rori Raye, because I REALLY want to help YOU change EVERYTHING. To CREATE the LIFE and attract the LOVE worthy of YOU!

I will help you to make a change just like I did.

I will help you to find YOURSELF, and your ever-so-powerful elemental energies, that will propel you forward.

I will help you attract the one-and-only man of your DREAMS who will fall all over himself to CLAIM you as HIS and take you off the market!

I will help you to find that MEANING and FULFILLMENT that will bring you JOY and create a legacy.

The shifts you create inwardly, that directly affect the shifts outwardly, that in turn influence the outside world transformations back to YOU….are FAST and PERMANENT!

No more excuses. No more fear.

Shake things up! It’s time NOW to unstick yourself.

I am a life and love relationship coach who kicks around the rule book and takes no prisoners. I make it FUN while you see results start happening right away. You are BEAUTIFUL, WORTHY, and have extraordinary elemental energies within you!

(I’m starting to hum Laverne & Shirley’s theme song, “Give us any chance we’ll take it, give us any rule we’ll break it, we’re gonna make our dreams come trueeeeee……” C’mon, you KNOW you’re singing it now too!)

You can do this! All of this is naturally within you…let’s rediscover and harness your power!

Reach out to me, I want to hear from you! Let’s explore your Powerful Feminine Elemental Energies and the Waterfall of Love they’ll create for you…

Take the first step now!

Talk to me over what I call a Waterfall Session – our time to QuickStart and get the flow going in your Life and Love – at

Love, Shellie