CoronaTimes Stay-At-Home-Changes Dating Help Video

Everything in Coronatimes is new again!

We’re getting used to masks, getting used to social distancing, beginning to figure out ways to have fun.

And yet, it’s scary.

Not only scary about possibly getting sick, but about returning to the “old ways of doing things…”

I mean, who wants to return to the old ways of dating?

This video will give you new ideas, new ways to feel strong, and a perspective on just how much courage it takes to “date,” along with specific ways you can make that courage that’s needed feel smaller and smaller and smaller – until dating is almost FUN! – with my tried-and-true method of Circular Dating.

To get your hand held throughout any process of re-entering the world, to really get into Circular Dating no matter how uncomfortable it might feel to you right this moment, to have an amazing Rori Raye trained coach beside you every step of the way with private coaching sessions plus 24/7 What’s App and Voxer support and coaching – try the Siren Circle Private Coaching program here:

Love, Rori


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