Do People See You As YOU See You?

Hi, This is Rori, and

What do OTHER people see when they experience you?

This letter is about “anger” – but not so much about the feeling of anger, discomfort, hurt, pain that we feel – but what we do with it.

If we experience, think about, use and express the feeling as a kind of “shut down” to our system – or as a way to express judgment of someone or something else – how is that going to come across?

…Often without our even knowing what’s going on between us and other people?

…With men you want to date, men who are your boss, men who you want to do business with networking in your town or on the web?

…Women you want as friends?

…Women you want to help in their lives, women who you’d like to have mentor YOU business-wise?

They can see your reaction as “self-centered” – and if they “like” you, they may see that as a GOOD THING!

Or, they can see your reaction as feeling hurt – a defense, a protection. And if a man likes you, he may experience that as vulnerability and it may make him want to go deeper.

The only thing that’s for sure, here, is –

The LESS LAYERS anyone has to see through – the better.

If we can just say – “I’m feeling a bit weird. My old stuff is coming up, and I can feel myself not want to put energy out here until I feel more secure…”

Or “I’m just feeling exhausted and tired, and I just need to hang back here a bit to recharge…”

Or something that is the TRUTH…we’ll move even faster toward what we want instead of being stuck in our old patterns.

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When we make another person about what’s going on with ourselves when we’re triggered – they become a kind of EXTENSION of ourselves.

And when a man becomes some kind of extension of ourselves, and then the energy of anger kicks in – we become focused “out there” instead of “focused IN HERE.”

It’s self-centeredness – but not in the self-love way.

It’s focusing on what’s outside – as though that will protect us from what we fear.

Protection Hurts

This self-centered way is the way of PROTECTION. This is shutting down your heart and going with the easiest feeling, instead of going down inside and finding the REAL feelings.

The trick of all this is to take advantage of this “triggering” moment to get MORE CONNECTED.

A woman cannot be truly compassionate until she is first compassionate with herself.

And this HAS to be the FIRST STEP.

If You’re Afraid Of Being A Doormat…

Even though the feeling and energy of anger feels so much better than what we believe to be “weakness” – it’s still simply the other side of the coin of the “doormat.”

We flip from insecure and low self-esteem to “how dare you” and anger.

Anger can be a HUGE area of potential for you – this is where your treasure is.

One great place to use your anger, frustration and pain is to help other people.

Every coach and therapist I know has come from a place of great pain, upset, confusion, anxiety and often – rage. By getting into a helping profession, and working with other people through their pain and frustration, they’ve uncovered their healing powers.

Not just to heal others – but themselves, too.

Heal Others, Heal Yourself…

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When you feel anger, pain, disgust, discomfort, irritation, frustration – feel into it. Follow it around in your life, in your body, in your heart, and go DEEPER.

You’re angry because of hurt, disappointment and fear – now go find THOSE feelings, and you’ll see all this stuff turn around.

Love, Rori

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