Do You Want To Be With A Man Who “Reacts” To You, Or With A Man Who LOVES You?

When it comes to being in our feminine energy most of the time, and yet sliding into our masculine some of the time – what I’ve experienced is this:

Some men are very sensitive.

They react.

They react with shame (Enneagrams 3-4, often) and take offense and feel corrected very easily and quickly.

With them, we walk a fine line, and that can feel exhausting.

Other men feel good enough about themselves, they’ve different personality traits, and they actually don’t feel sliced by a knife every time we enter masculine energy space.

They don’t react, don’t take offense – in fact – they think it’s “cute” and smile.

Even sexy.

So – the question is, knowing that, if we’re choosing a man from scratch, do we want a man who reacts all the time, or one who doesn’t…?

Once we’ve married a man, however – it’s a different story.

Now we “work with it” – and that’s a different process.

Nothing good or bad – just very different experiences, very different romantic experience…

Love, Rori

Note: This is part of a post I wrote on Siren Island – the topic was (and still is) pretty fierce: How easy it is to get blasted by a man every time we unconsciously or accidentally enter our masculine energy space and, yes – speak or act from there.

I mean – we are not here to be feminine energy “dolls.”  The whole idea of being in your feminine energy means you “flow” with yourself.

You learn to trust yourself, find your deepest feelings (not the superficial “reactions”) – and then speak from THOSE deeper places.

And – we have never, ever been trained or encouraged to do this. (Until we’ve met each other through webspace!)

So – we are NEVER going to be 100% in any one space! Not our feminine, not our masculine, not even “here now.”

The Modern Siren is about constantly making choices:

*Do I listen to my most immediate and least deep reactions, thoughts, urges – or do I dive down like a Siren into my depths, feel my feelings, and listen to THOSE?

*Do I speak from my masculine thoughts, or my feminine feelings?

*Do I involve other people in my process (anger directed at someone) – or do I take joy in expressing myself – truly: MYSELF?

*Do I respect my sense of humor and my honor of the fact that I am alive on this planet – or take everything with a serious sense and assumptions?

We are ALL in “process.”

We all need partners who love us no matter what, as we love them – no matter what.

(And “no matter what” love does NOT mean you need to STAY in partnership with a person who doesn’t fulfill you just because you “love” them.)

So – think about whether or not you want to walk on eggshells and “be perfectly in your feminine” – or if you’d like to be a big, gorgeous, juicy experiment here on planet earth, always going into yourself with love.

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Love, Rori

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