dominiqueHello this is Dominique ~

Welcome to Sex and Heart ~ a safe and loving place where I invite you to RESTORE YOUR LOVE, as you step into and BEcome the gorgeous, wonderful FEELING, open hearted, sensual, sexual goddess woman you are.

The relationship with your man will deepen and expand, becoming more intimately connected and profound, as he heals through your heart which is the natural progression when you set out on this journey with me.

YOUR MAN will become ATTRACTED to and MESMERIZED by you like never before whether he’s there already or you have yet to meet him.

I will show you how to access and cultivate your true feminine goddess essence.

I will show you through rituals of self-care how to awaken and expand your sensual aspect, re-establish your MIND and BODY CONNECTION. You will learn how to notice and FEEL everything more fully, re-sensitize your entire being, physically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually.

I will teach you how to attune to your body to help uncover and release your old traumas and hurts held within your body whether physical or emotional.

All of this and so much more dances and plays hand in hand to enhance and cultivate the MASCULINE FEMININE ENERGY dynamic in your relationship, opening up a lovely and loving flow which will feel safe and good to you AND to him.

I will show you how to create the RELATIONSHIP of YOUR DREAMS.

I offer you soft touch gifts from my heart, a heart of wisdom within a woman who has come from a deeply scarred past; I have experienced the lowest of the lows, personally and in relationship, so I understand your confusion and hurt. And despite my poor odds, I still attracted and created a LOVING RELATIONSHIP I had barely dare dream about yet longed for.


  • Do you seek love? Your dream relationship?
  • Do you want more ATTENTION and AFFECTION in the one you have?
  • Do you want a more PROFOUND and INTIMATE connection with YOUR MAN? Emotionally?
  • Sexually? Spiritually?
  • If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, are you maybe not getting the COMMITMENT you wish for?
  • Maybe a piece of you feels resigned to your situation, yet another desperately wants, craves, desires more ~
  • Maybe you wonder if there might be someone better out there for you ~
  • Maybe you’ve been yearning for a relationship with a man who makes your heart beat so fast you can hardly breathe, one of those beautiful, fulfilling, passionately intimate ones filled with great communication, great sex, a deeply profound, intimate connection ~
  • Maybe you feel concerned something is wrong with you that you don’t have what you long for ~
  • Maybe you feel despairing ~

If any of this sounds like you, I have WONDERFUL,  heart warming news for you!!!

I CAN help YOU.

This will be about embodying YOUR TRUE ESSENCE – about coming into your FULL FEMININE POWER  – attracting your TRUE LOVE man – deepening intimacy and creating a relationship of the kind you may have only been able to fantasize about.

And some of this looks like –

  • ~ Healing yourself from past hurts and traumas or whatever it is which haunts you –
  • ~ Releasing your insecurities and stepping into FULL FEMININE  GODDESS confidence –
  • ~ Letting go or shedding of habits and patterns which no longer serve you, those which interfere with you CREATING a HEALTHY, LOVING RELATIONSHIP –

It’s also about –

  • ~ A deepening of love and serenity within yourself –
  • ~ Finding ways to feel GOOD more of the time –
  • ~ Uncovering your pure heart self and discovering how to blossom her even bigger in all ways. –

As well as –

  • ~ Learning how to allow for DEEPER INTIMACY –
  • ~ Learning how to open up to increased sensitivity of feeling – a WONDERFUL GIFT –
  • ~ Learning how to expand your sexuality to discover how much more your body is able to feel and experience –
  • ~ Learning how to extend ALL of this into your relationship.

I will help you open YOUR HEART bigger than ever before, shed your fears and release the blocks that may have once protected you but now feel in the way.

I will help you feel that you are not only enough, you are MORE than plenty. Have you ever dared wonder what this would feel like – feeling you’re enough for ANY man or better yet YOUR man?

I will help you release your old insecurities and have them just fade away while your lying gremlins voices and your inhibiting fears dissolve into the glow of TRUE LOVE you can just FEEL from YOUR MAN and ALL THE TIME.

This CAN happen for you.

I know this because I did it for myself.

If I was able to create the AMAZINGLY PROFOUND and INTIMATE LOVE CONNECTION I now share with with my BELOVED man, if I was able to encourage him to heal through my healing heart, if I was able to come to feeling SO GOOD within myself from the horrible place I started in as well as feeling so wonderful WITHIN MY RELATIONSHIP, I KNOW you can.

Though my story may differ wildly from yours, the feelings which our stories evoke are SO much the same.

I brought myself out of a deep abyss of pain and struggle, overtaken by feelings of betrayal and abandonment, vacillating, not knowing what to with myself or my relationship. I felt SO lost.

Though I was still feeling very troubled due to my past, still feeling riddled with insecurities and fears, I managed to find myself in a happy relationship anyway.

This totally dispels the myth that you need to be fully healed or mostly so in order to find your “the one”!!!


Are you ready to walk The Goddess Way?

My man and I were in love; we got along so very well despite my underlying anxieties, and then all of a sudden I felt as though I had been thrown off a cliff to shatter into a million pieces below. I discovered he was looking at porn on his computer which for many women might not be a big deal at all.

He wasn’t neglecting me in any way whatsoever. Had I not happened upon it, I would never have known.

Nevertheless I felt utterly DEVASTATED. The bottom of my heart fell out. Panic and intense fear and pain set in.

My fears of abandonment, my insecurities, some of which I was unaware, overwhelmed me. I didn’t know how nor did I want to deal with it.

I started questioning everything I knew about my man and my relationship. I was plunged into a pit of self-recrimination. I felt SO small, insignificant.

I had NO idea what to do. This one question burned in my heart: “Why am I not ENOUGH for him?”

Again – the details of your personal story may differ from mine, but the feelings which have been aroused around whatever the problem is in your relationship are likely VERY much the same.


Despite my pain, I just knew with all I had that this discovery was actually a PRECIOUS GIFT, forcing me to do some really DEEP and INTENSE work I likely would not have otherwise. And for this I feel incredibly thankful.

And this is why embarking on the path to HEALING YOU FIRST is SO IMPORTANT in CREATING the RELATIONSHIP of YOUR DREAMS.

I learned how to FEEL I was not only ENOUGH, I was MORE than PLENTY, and I was FABULOUS, gorgeous GODDESS glorious even.

And I DO feel INCREDIBLY amazing.


I found out what I could and couldn’t live with, what were and were not deal breakers for me.

I had to dig down deeply into some very dark places and confront my most primal fears.

I also had to create a whole NEW RELATIONSHIP with my man, part of which involved not only learning how to express my feelings to him in a way he could hear, but also ways of BEing which  deepened our connection.

HE HEALED and transformed right along with me!!!

And we turned into something SPECTACULAR.

What I was able to do for myself is something I’ve never heard ANY therapist, coach, writer, or woman talk about.

And I want to do this for YOU.

~ In a nutshell – I will show you how to heal your mind, heart, and spirit, and RESTORE YOUR LOVE and thus attract and keep the RELATIONSHIP of YOUR DREAMS.

I offer you a library of resources through my abundant, in depth articles in which I address every personal healing and relationship question you might have – I also offer you my products which include an e-book, a 7 hour video program replete with bonus materials in which you will find ALL you need to feel your best goddess essence self as well as create the RELATIONSHIP you’ve been DREAMING of.

And for personalized attention, private coaching with me is available, single sessions or a variety of packages to choose from, one of which will meet your needs.

I can and will address every relationship question you might have which will be presented in a way which may not be what your girlfriends or other relationship advisers might have given to you.

You are UNIQUE, and you are spectacular in your uniqueness. And I have a UNIQUE approach. I will work with you softly and gently, yet tenaciously, customizing your healing to UNIQUE YOU.

I would feel honored to share in your journey – the path to embodying your TRUE FEMININE ESSENCE GODDESS SELF along THE GODDESS WAY creating the RELATIONSHIP of YOUR DREAMS.

If your heart calls upon you to work with me, you can find me here –

[email protected]

You will discover my healing perspective to be enormously effective.

YOU TOO can have the WONDERFUL, LOVING, PASSIONATE, FULFILLING, PROFOUNDLY INTIMATE LIFE and LOVE, not necessarily one like mine, yet one PERFECT for you.

xxoo   Love, Dominique