Captivate The Man Of Your Dreams With Your Unique Emotional Attraction!


Rori Raye

and her guest genius

Natalina Love

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Though The Secrets Of Emotional Attraction Live Masterclass happened on February 12th, you can still get:

*The full Video, Audio and Chat Screen replay Masterclass recordings,

*The Quick Manual, PLUS

*Natalina's wonderful, complete "Secrets Of Emotional Attraction" Self-Study program!

 Here, for only $97:

If You're Finding Yourself...

...Feeling "cold" around meeting men and the potentially exhausting process of dating...

...Feeling disappointed, let down and frustrated (even angry!) about the man you're with: his intentions for the future; his undetermined loyalty; whether or not he even has a basic ability to be in a Forever relationship; whether or not he actually loves and cares for you (or is even interested in who you are and what's going on for you); his seeming indecisiveness and feminine energy lethargy...

...Feeling sad and frutrated more than you feel happy about your love life, your man, ANY man...and even your friend and work relationships - as though true love connection feels somewhere outside reality for you...

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The Cause Could Be SO Many Things!

It could be you're hiding both your "light" - AND your authentic, even sometimes "dark" feelings from him (and most everyone else) because your inner self doesn't feel safe...

It could be that the gap between what you want and what you have feels so huge it's creating a tension in you that's blocking all your authenticity and incredibly attractive emotions...

It could be you've been trained your whole life to automatically dismiss what you Want - and so your inner, subconscious self chooses impossibly sub-par and non-relationship-material men for you! These men are so not what you Want and need that you feel almost forced to push them away.

What's so especially frustrating is that this is all happening "underneath", causing incredible tension and pain inside you - in what feels like a completely hidden and unreachable way you "can't know".

The Truth Is: This Is All "Fixable" - Quickly!

You don't have to be in expensive therapy for years.

You don't have to "fix" yourself at all!

It's not YOU that needs fixing, it's just the situation that needs fixing!

All you have to do is simply FIND yourself (and, truly, you're right here!).

You don't need an excavator, you just need a stronger and different "lens" to see through!

All you need is:

1. A new Feminine Energy "lens" to see your true self clearly - and then:

2. The Tools to learn how and then practice Sticking BY Yourself!

3. The Tools to share your true self, your true "Feeling State" with everyone you meet, know and love - even when you feel anxious, nervous unsure, and angry...

You're Already Unique

You're already powerful.

You're already deeply Feminine, deeply Desireable, deeply, naturally Attractive - And

You're designed to be deeply Loved.

All you need now is a clear path to the Emotional Vulnerability, Connection, and Intense Attraction that's your birthright as a woman.

In The Masterclass, You'll Get Step-By-Step Tools To Use In All Of Your Real-Life Scenarios:

* From feeling through the frustration of a date falling through, to

* Grounding into what you really want when a man confronts you with something difficult...

* When you're not on the same page about the nature of your relationship..

You'll Learn What Emotional Attraction Actually IS, And How It Works For YOU!

"Emotional Attraction" is not common jargon for people to hear in regular conversations..and yet, it's underneath the best business relationships... it's part of show-biz... it's what makes a date feel exciting .... It's where our sense of adventure is...

We've all been told in our own unique ways to not feel - or to put feeling last - so our skills around turning off from what we fee and 'playing safe' perhaps have kept us from 'going for our dreams'

*In the well-known "Law Of Attraction" method (which Rori isn't fond of...), everyone talks about the importance of having emotional control (they don't say it that way - but it often looks like that anyway). Essentially, Emotional ByPassing... So ..

* You'll learn what the journey looks like when you dive into 'Intentional Emotional Attraction' with your own unique personality..

The move from "Inauthentic Strategy" to the authentic, Intentional Sharing of your emotional state - without drama, pressure on him, or any "goal" will feel pretty strange at first.

If you work in a corporate setting, you've likely been taught to HIDE all emotions - and discovered how soulless that feels, and how totally against your inner Feminine Energy it feels.

That teaching and training we all have has crippled us, and played on the singular emotion of fear.

Fear can overpower all our other emotions, because that's what it's been taught to do, and what we've experienced!

It's like a standard, accepted process!

But there's so much more to you and your Feminine nature than fear!

Once we dive into all of it, you'll be able to experience and clearly see how it will work for you...

The whole process of Emotional Attraction is essentially artistic - and then, as it begins to feel natural to you, you'll be able to put everything you've learned together in a moment....
The Secrets Of Emotional Attraction will help you find your unique 'charisma', and to authentically inspire a man's love... 

The Details Of What You'll Get In the Secrets Of Emotional Attraction Masterclass:

♥ A 90 minute live online - and completely interactive - event with Rori Raye and Natalina Love, where you'll be able to ask your personal  questions, get your immediate and unique situation addressed, and learn why physical, visual, intellectual, sexual, spiritual and "having things in common" "Attraction" works for a man only superficially and momentarily - while Emotional Attraction fires up every possible kind of Attraction for him forever - and how to CREATE Emotional Attraction effortlessly. 

Immediate, full access to Natalina Love's awesome "Secrets Of Emotional Attraction" digital program, with videos, audios, and written Manuals

The Secrets of Emotional Attraction "Quick Manual" to get you started with everything we'll be working on in the Workshop-Style Masterclass

The complete video, audio and chat screen replays from the Live Masterclass (so, if you can't attend live, you'll still have everything you need to create Emotional Attraction with the man you want!)

The Cost: All live Masterclasses with Rori Raye are only $97!

About My Guest Genius, Natalina Love!


If you've been to any Rori Raye Feminine Energy Workshop, nearly any Masterclass, any live event, you've likely met and worked with Natalina.

Though she's a Reiki Master, artist, brilliant coach, writer and spiritual teacher - What makes Natalina so singularly amazing is her ability to be both a true model of how to feel fulfilled as a Feminine Energy woman in love (she's long, happily married to her handsome man) - and, at the same time, a totally Feminine Energy "Boss Babe" (which she demonstrates daily as the Director of Rori Raye Siren School)! 

The 5 Secrets Of Emotional Attraction is Natalina's own wonderful digital program, and its 5 Secrets will be the great "Tool Structure" for how I'll be working with you throughout the Masterclass.

Getting the love you want doesn't have to be stressful, confusing, or painful.

Emotional Attraction is literally all you need to know about all forms of attraction, and it will cut through all of the other things you "think" you might need in order to fully and forever attract the man and relationship you want.

What You Want And Need Is Exactly What You Deserve To Have!

You deserve to fall in love and be married to a man who fills your heart and soul with his love.

You deserve to feel real confidence, so you can have the lifestyle you want, and the man and relationship you want.

You deserve to create the kind of family you want, and to be with the people who matter the most to you.

You deserve to build a life and lifestyle that matches your dreams and visions of the future.

You deserve to share your life with someone through the good, the bad, and the unknown with love and trust.


Love, Rori and Natalina