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I was just thinking about what it is to be a coach during my open office hours with my RRCT students.

Then, I came out here in the backyard, where I spend a lot of time, whether it’s cold or hot, and I realized that is what being a coach is about:

I am able to live my life.

I’m able to wander through my life, be with the people I want to be with, and still bring to fruition my ideas.

I get to put them on paper.

I get to put them on video right when I think of them, and I get to go anywhere in my house.

A simple version of home: work and everything coming together at the same time.

When you’re a student of coach training or you’re building a business or starting out in anything, it feels like everything’s happening all at once.

It doesn’t feel like there’s a step by step process.

Similarly, when somebody hires you, the job is there all at once.

The company may take it easy on you for a little while, while you train, but pretty soon you’re swimming on your own.

However, your desk is there, the computer’s there, and you come and go; you have to take work home with you some of the time, but mostly it all belongs to the company.

Well, when you’re a coach, everything belongs to you: the whole sequence of tasks, the paperwork, the to-do list.

It’s not just a project for them; it is a project for you, and that changes the whole game inside.

All of a sudden, you start wondering if you deserve this.

What do I have to do to earn it?

What do I have to do to make it work?

All of a sudden, questions you never ask yourself when you have a job for someone else come up when you’re working for yourself, when you’re working on your own business.

This is where we, women, have never really had a chance to discover how it works.

Instead, we have essentially been taught how to create a home from scratch, to be responsible for the home, for the environment there, the food, the sustenance.

We’re taught how to be responsible for keeping everybody alive, birthing people and keeping them alive.

We’ve been trained to do that.

So, what happens when we become entrepreneurs that means, all of a sudden, we think we can’t do it?

It’s all the result of external, environmental forces: school, training, books.

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I recently realized that I don’t enjoy going to art museums anymore, even though I’m a painter.

I like going to galleries but not art museums.


Because everything’s painted by men in museums.

The whole Renaissance is men.

Yes, they’re wonderful and brilliant, but I once felt about them in a way I don’t feel anymore.

We’re not on the walls anywhere.

In so many creative outlets that are opening up to us, work is not easy because the actual environment is set up for men.

Home has been set up for us, so that makes sense.

What if the niche you want to get into is something that has always been a “masculine” niche?

What if you’re drawn to something “feminine”, like healing, but still run into masculine energy in building a business?

Let’s say you have an instinct to be a healer.

You have an instinct to help.

You have an instinct to teach.

You have a brain that helps you figure things out for people, and you can see what’s going on with them even when they can’t see it.

Yet, the concept of setting yourself up in that position has all the trappings being a masculine thing.

What I want to encourage you to do is start thinking of it the other way around.

All of the talents and gifts that you have are in feminine energy, all of them that come from inside you.

If it’s coming from inside you, it’s feminine energy.

It’s coming from desire.

However, the desire to put yourself out there in the world may not be part of it.

So, the desire to go public is not coming from within.

What we need to do is find that part of you that wants to spread yourself around the world.

That’s the little trick that we really get into in RRRCT, Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training, and it’s not a program just for relationship coach training now.

We need women empowerment coaches.

We need coaches who can help women do what I’m talking about now: make that leap from desire and idea to “I can do this thing. I am talented, too. I can do this thing worldwide. I can make money at it. I can talk on television. I can be successful. I’m not relegated to being less than these women who have made it that far.”

“I can’t do that” is ingrained in our personal training.

What we need is a situation that allows those words to go away.

I invite you to talk to me about RRRCT.

Talk to me about what you want, what you dream of, and what’s holding you back.

Let’s see if we can work it out.

I am happy to help you see how you can leapfrog over the masculine and be something in the world that seems like it’s not part of your natural way of being.

We can make it natural because wanting to be seen can also be a part of  feminine energy.

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