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When someone says the words: “Be Fearless,” I usually just walk backwards, away from them.

The concept of “being without any particular feeling just because we don’t like it” is 100% not in alignment with me, or with the Modern Siren philosophy and Tools.

And yet – I truly like Lea Jane.

I met Lea just a few weeks ago and was immediately, instantly taken with her.  She wrote me personally and stayed in conversation with me personally, and so I agreed to be interviewed – something I almost always say no to.

In our interview on her Fearless Female Show, she allowed me to be in almost constant disagreement with not only what everyone says about “being fearless” – but with her, also.

Lea heard me, she listened to me, and her comments and questions were thoughtful and in-the-moment.

I think you’re going to enjoy this one – not only my interview, but everyone else’s, too.  Just go here to watch the video (yes, you will be subscribing to Lea’s list, and you can unsubscribe anytime you want, yet – I think you might like everything she’s about) – and  I know you’ll get a lot of help from my interview – all free->

Every day I feel afraid.  I feel tense, I feel worried, I feel anxious.  In fact, all day long I can feel it.  Yet – I can ALSO feel excitment, exhilaration, love, wonder, thrills, anticipation, even joy.

How is this possible? How does it work for fear to be “felt” – yet not STOP me?

And how can YOU do the same?

I am always smiling at the concept of “being fearless” – or “putting away,” or “overriding” fear. It makes me feel angry, too – because I just don’t see how that works for anyone.  It never has for me.

I’ve undergone my share of terrifying moments, as so many women have, as you likely have. I’ve been in fear for my life. I’ve been afraid of great loss happening right in front of me. Like you, I’ve lived with PTSD, sometimes hidden and sometimes so obvious everyone could feel it rolling off me.

I can see it early in my life – in the photos of me. At 8 years old, I look like a happy young girl: loose, smiling, relaxed…and then, at age 9, all of a sudden – in EVERY photo – I look prim, gathered, tense, posing, tight, grim.

It was so obvious, I once asked my mother if she noticed it – and she said to me, “You changed. Around 9 or so – you…changed….”  I’ve always imagined that “something happened to me” around then. Something that changed me.

I remember things happening to me that I never told my parents – like falling off a tall slide (from the very top), waking up on the ground, and never seeing a doctor.  I wonder what else might have happened.

And – I wonder what might have happened to YOU.  What might have been huge in your life.  What might have begun PTSD that’s never been seen by anyone.

Lea asks me questions about how fear is keeping us from doing what we truly want…and I talk about how it doesn’t have to be that way:

  • How to change your perception of “fear” so that it becomes a “good” feeling instead of a “paralyzing” one…
  • How to go past what you may have always considered your “limitations” in love, in work, and in the everyday stresses we ALL encounter…
  • How to take what we would think of as “risks,” in order to get what we want, how to move past our comfort zones – and so much more….

So  the question for you, my clients and students becomes NOT “What if you were fearless?” – but “How can your fear become a part of the “How-To” that HELPS you feel happy and have what you want?”

So, to watch the video of my interview (and others, too!), for free, go here:  

If you’re considering a new career – perhaps as a professional coach like the amazing coaches I’ve trained and mentored in RRRCT – you may also be feeling “scared.”

If you’re already an entrepreneur, a healer, a bodyworker, a lightworker, a saleswoman… then you know how it feels to make your own hours – and to be responsible for getting the work done every day.

If you’re in a job that’s not fulfilling you right now – the idea of striking out on your own (even part time while you continue in your current job) – can be terrifying.

In RRRCT (Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training), you’ll never go a minute without having your hand held by me and the brilliant Master Coach Teachers.   You’ll have 24/7 email access to me, we’ll all be working together on your writing projects using google docs, we’ll be hands-on your website, client/customer funnel, and you’ll learn the most valuable Tools of all: How to get it ALL done “like a girl” – with the lowest level of fear you may have ever experienced in a high-stakes situation.

Just go here to learn more about how RRRCT might work for you, to learn how amazingly many of the brilliant, successful coaches you see and know out there came from RRRCT (Helena Hart, Sami Wunder, Megan Weks, Andrada Dan…50+ more), and to get in touch with me.

You can also just hit “reply” to this letter, tell me a bit about yourself and your dreams, and I’ll get right back to you!

Love, Rori

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