Free RRRCT Teleclass June 16th – Be A Rori Raye Relationship Coach

Levine_Proofs_080linked inheadshotFree Teleclass on June 16th!

Ask Me How RRRCT Can Help You Be A Professional, Successful Rori Raye Trained Relationship Coach…

Hi, This is Rori….

Here’s how RRRCT Trainee Megan Weks is already experiencing being a professional coach, making money with real clients – only 2/3 of the way through RRRCT Training!:


I want to express my gratitude to you for the entire RRRCT experience, your coaching school. Although I did not know what to expect, I have been blown away by the experience and it is one of the better decisions I’ve ever made for myself in my life. I am 2/3 of the way through the program and I have already built a small practice with paying clients. I did not expect to have clients until well after I had completed this program.

I will be able to make the money back that I have spent on the program quickly and in such a short time I have radically changed my career into my dream job where I work with woman across the globe from the comfort of my own home with my dog at my feet. I’ve grown considerably as a person in this short time and I am a so glad I took this chance with you and made the decision to enroll. When the doors open in life for us it is our job to walk through.

Love, Megan”

Check Megan out on her website, and then let me know if you’d like to have the same experience, success and mentoring as Megan’s getting right now!

If you’re considering enrolling in RRRCT – Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training for 2015, you likely have lots of questions about how it works.

And not just how RRRCT works – but how it will work for YOU!

To know exactly how you can help women heal their entire lives (not only their love lives), get personally mentored by me as a professional coach – AND make a wonderful, financially great living at the same time.

And so I’ll do a Q & A teleclass on Tuesday, June 16th, TWICE! – at 11am PST and 5:30pm PST –  to answer your questions –

1. To listen in by phone or Skype:

Phone Number to Dial: (425) 440-5100

Backup Number: (323) 476-3997

Conf ID: 269386#

2. Or go to this webpage to listen and write questions to me in real time:

(**On this page, you can find local and international numbers to try….)

If you’re not sure if you’re interested in being a professional coach, but would like to learn (or just listen in on) how RRRCT coach training and business mentoring work, I’d be happy to have you on the call.

If you’d like to just read about how RRRCT works, what it (and my teaching and mentoring) will do for you, and learn how you can be a practicing Rori Raye Relationship Coach – go here–>>

We only have three weeks before RRRCT enrollment closes – and I’d love to have you aboard!

Love, Rori

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