Free Webinar Tomorrow! Fall In Love With You – No Matter What…

Hi, this is Rori, and I’ll be doing a brand-new, FREE, video webinar for you with Mariah Grey tomorrow evening, Thursday at 5:30pm PST, 7:30pm Central, 8:30pm EST! (You can stay hidden by turning off your own video if you like, and you’ll still be able to see me and Mariah).

It’s called Fall In Love With You – No Matter What, and what Mariah and I’ll be talking about and working with you around is something completely new…

This Webinar will be all about “self-love, and how to turn around complete self-loathing or just the small bits of self-uncomfortable moments we all have.

How to not only “get what you want in love,” but solidify your self-respect and self-esteem so you can feel good, MORE of the time.

So you can not only feel better inside yourself, but draw to you the man, money and life you want.

To get to the free webinar tomorrow evening (you don’t even have to sign up!) go here:

Everything is always about your “vibe.”

The “Law Of Attraction” doesn’t,  for me, “work” – for so many reasons, but, mostly because it feels CONFUSING to our brains.

Yet, “Baby-Step” Tools DO work, and fast, because they work WITH our brains, our old patterns – even our defense systems, so we can kind of “slide” by our natural “resistance” to change.

Yes, we all absolutely resist even GOOD change. We instinctively and automatically push away good stuff because it feels “different” to our inner defense systems.

The Rori Raye Tools and coaching techniques fix that, flat out.

The idea is to “shift” your vibe in a way that ramps up your natural attractiveness. The “shift” raises your attractiveness, ever so slightly and non-dramatically, to a new level where nearly any man is attracted to you – no matter WHAT you’ve thought about yourself in the past.

And – it’s not even about CHANGING anything in yourself! It’s about “shifting” the way you see yourself, speak to yourself, and generally act around yourself that makes all the difference – and you don’t have to be “perfectly” in self love.

Mariah and I wil talk with you about how affirmations don’t work, and how Rori Raye baby-steps do – and why.

Mariah will give you new Tools to DO these baby-steps, and you’ll come away from the webinar with a new sense of hope for your love life, and good feelings about yourself.

The reason for the Fall In Love With You webinar is that Mariah and I are actually beginning a Fall In Love With You live coaching class on Monday, September 25th, and continuing for EIGHT sessions of one-to-one personal coaching around all of the Tools and new ideas Mariah will be presenting to you and working with you on.

I’ll be on the Fall In Love With You Facebook group, talking with you, answering questions and coaching, along with Mariah and Beth Ellen, another amazing coach you’ll want to meet, and Mariah will be teaching and coaching you through the live classes.

There’s no need to even “sign up” for the Webinar – just show up! (And there’ll be a replay, too – so I’ll be sending an email with that for you, too – yet – if you show up – you’ll get COACHED!!!!

There is absolutely nothing in the world as fast and results-getting as working with a great coach using the Rori Raye coaching method for even 5 minutes. You’ll get “got” incredibly fast, Mariah’s warmth, kindness and smarts will envelop you with a desire to love yourself…and you’ll be in a space, for once, with absolutely NO judgment.

Everyone out there who’s in the business of helping us “fix” ourselves cannot help but impart judgment that we’re not alright right now. That we NEED to be fixed.

And I and Rori Raye coaches are not trying to “fix” you. We don’t believe there could possibly be anything “wrong” with you – or even with what you’re doing!

What we care about is getting you what you want! And, for that – all the “strategies and tactics” in the world won’t work.

Game playing, superficial “changes” – they’re useless.

So, what we do in Siren Schoool is just help you fall in love with whatever it is that’s going on now. Each moment.

It’s hard to imagine, I know, and it’s hard to do on your own, too – because we’re so used to noticing every potential “mistake” we make.

With a coach who’s got skills, great intuition, and an artful, creative sense of who you are and what you want, everything just shows up to help you get what you want by just being who you are.

And – as we all kow – being who we are is the greatest challenge we each face.

So – come to the Webinar, it’s free, and I’ll have the Fall In Love With You  – No Matter What Worksheet on the page, too for you to download.

I so look forward to hearing from you what it is you WANT, what you’ve tried to “do” to get it, and seeing if Mariah and I can open a brand new door for you just in the Webinar time.

Here’s the page, just show up on Thursday evening at 5:30PST (if you’re inEurope and want to come live, too – let me know, and we’ll schedule a morning Webinar, also, so we can interact with you live.

See you there! Love, Rori

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