Get Where You Want To Be By Chasing Fear

2015-05-25 09.07.50This concept of “Chasing Fear” is inspired by Love Coach Natalina

While we’re always available to jump off the cliff of what we know, and step into the Unknown (and unknowable) – we are always triggering fear inside ourselves.

The act of Falling in Love with this fear whenever it shows itself is different from creating the attitude that we are, then, logically, always moving toward fear.

We are ALWAYS Courting fear. We are always expecting it, looking for it, seeking it out, shining a light on every dark corner – we are risk-takers! We are Fear-hunters, fear gatherers, fear engenderers, fear generators…

We are always, essentially, chasing fear that most surely lies in taking a step we’ve never taken before.

So – then – do we need to call it “fear?” Could it be excitement? A thrill? A new impulse? A question mark? A piece of gold, not a lump of coal?

The mark of a Business Siren is her love of fear. Her love of the fear gathering, the fear knowing, the feelings that come up for her – whatever they are – and – most importantly – whatever their HISTORY with her is!!!

Your history with a feeling is not it’s destiny, and- it means nothing!

The meaning anything has for you is the meaning you give it – therefore, give the “old fear” a new name!

Call it anything you like!

Love, Rori

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Rori Raye


  1. Sami Wunder on March 31, 2015 at 9:33 am

    Powerful stuff Rori ! Love it. What if fear is gold …

  2. Rori Raye on April 1, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    Yes – Golden Fear! Fear is Gold! Love, Rori