What If You Could Take Your Business To a New Level Called


Where you can get:

*Passive income from digital products and programs you've created...

*More income from teaching full classes you've created, complete with materials, worksheets and videos?

What if:

...Even if "writing" feels "hard" to you, if "creating anything" feels heavy and overwhelming (perhaps you've been working on a book for years?) - you could learn a way to CREATE WHATEVER YOU CAN THINK UP - easily, quickly, and in a personal, emotionally fulfilling way?

What if you had HELP doing this every step along the way?

And - most important:

What if you could get it done - all from your Feminine Energy - in only 8 weeks?

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I know you can, because I've done it in four weeks, and my students have done it in less...

How do you quickly become a GuruGenius?

Ten years ago - I felt frustrated by the lack of properly trained life and relationship coaches. Yes - there were plenty of coaching programs.

Some were online, where you never actually talked with anyone or saw or heard demonstrations of the coaching skills being taught.

Where no one ever actually experienced YOUR progress to help you be the best you can be.

Some with famous authors and"gurus" - who did not personally "teach" the program.

Some with high end, in-person training, like I received from CTI - and though there was amazing material in CTI, and great instructors, I never ever felt like I could actually coach anyone.

I had no idea how to link one moment with another.

I had no idea how to "copy" the great demonstrations I was seeing in the classroom.

I couldn't duplicate what I imagined, and I couldn't put the material into any kind of working "order" for myself.

So - I developed my OWN way of coaching.

What's Needed Is All-Hands-On-Deck

When it became clear to me that I wanted to teach and train new coaches in my Rori Raye methods, it also became clear that what was most needed was a hands-on program.

Where I could teach, train and develop love, relationship and dating coaches in my unique style and method of coaching  personally.

One-to-one, and with a major "mentoring" component.

Where I would know each student personally, know what they needed, and make sure they finished Training with confidence and skills I would be proud to refer my clients to.

And, that's how it's been  at RRCT for 10 years now.

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Entrepreneurship Isn't Natural For All Of Us...

...and that's why it's all about "Mentorship".

You need hands-on, totally straight-forward processes, structures, steps and solutions for all the technical needs you have when building a program and marketing it -

And yet - you need ALL of your organic, natural, effortless, creative Feminine Energy to flow through you to literally "have it all happen!"

You need to learn everything - promotion,  product creation, technology and internet marketing in a way that's hands-on, instead of taught by "lecture". And you need much of it done for you!

So - born out of the huge success of RRCT training techniques, The GuruGenius Program is here to help you quickly create: A program/product - or SEVERAL! - in only 8 Weeks, working directly, one-to-one over Zoom with Mariah Grey and Rori Raye for only $3500!!

*Note: If you'd rather go at a slower pace and take your time creating your program(s) and setting them up to be purchased and running - you can extend your live 8 sessions, plus continuous email support and mentorship, for up to a full year at the same fee of $3500!

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And why is this so important?

Because we all burn out trading hours for dollars. We all want to leave something in written form, or audio or video, that people can read and study at their convenience. We all want to share what we have to offer in every way we can. We want to be more effective.

And we also want to make more money and spend less time doing it - because we want to help and reach as many people as possible!

Here's How The GuruGenius Product Creation Program Works, And Why It'll Get You Such Quick, Tangible Results:

I and my brilliant Master Coach Teachers sit beside you.

You aren't looking over our shoulder, you aren't just listening to what we say - we are WORKING together - literally.

You'll come into GuruGenius with a website and a "Client Funnel" (if you don't have a Client Funnel yet - you'll want to start with the "Business Siren - BIZ" program, here) - and perhaps an idea of what you'd like to create to sell.

Then, after only 8 weeks of working with us - you'll finish GuruGenius with a completed program, all set up and ready to go!

How do we work so fast?

Over 10 years of training and mentoring incredibly successful coaches in RRCT, I and my magical Master Coach team uncovered and developed the secrets of quickly organizing thoughts and ideas with a student's personal story to create a "brand."

We discovered shortcuts and powerful ways of creating a unique "Presentation" that could also be used in interviews, for speaking, for writing all forms of marketing "copy": blog posts, articles, newsletters, sales and Thank You pages.

Of making a compelling blend of each new coach's skills, interests and story to bring out their own personal "voice" and get it out for the world to see and hear.

This is all how we get you from where you are to where you want to be - not only "teaching" you what you need to know, but sitting with you, editing your work with you, brainstorming with you to actually produce a product you can not only feel "high" on - but that your unique clients and readers will want to purchase.

If Being a GuruGenius, and quickly developing a Program or Product to offer your clients and readership feels exciting to you - I can help you make that idea REAL:

If you have questions, and would like to talk personally to Mariah Grey, the Gurugenius Master Coach Teacher - please just write me here, and we'll get back to you quickly:

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