Heather Allison

heather allisonFrom Heather Allison:

Hi, love!

I’m Heather. And this is my mission, my purpose here: 

To serve as a catalyst for your Love,
giving women like you the experience and the energy you need to ignite your love and light your own path.

You’re like me.

I know you are because my story isn’t unusual — it’s just like yours.

I have loved big, just like you. 
I’ve had my heart stomped on and tossed in the trash, just like you.
I’ve had my body trivialized and used.
I’ve boxed my emotions up and put them away so that nobody could see or hurt them.
I’ve been split in half, broken, and have left my Soul somewhere off in the corner because it was too painful to be connected.

I’ve found love, yet still ached for it to be more, just like you.
I’ve struggled with how to feel heard or seen by him.
I’ve asked to have my needs met, and then felt empty when they weren’t.

I’ve dreamed big, just like you. 
And I’ve boxed those up, too, and put them away so that even I couldn’t see them — so that I wouldn’t fail at trying to reach them.
I’ve let the fear and the voices saying, “you can’t” or “you’re not good enough for that” keep me small.
I’ve let my ‘shine’ get tarnished.

Hell, I’ve even tarnished my ‘shine’ myself — on purpose — because who am I to let myself shine, especially when others around me might feel bad,
think I’m weird, or stop liking me?

I’ve beat myself up, just like you.
I’ve obsessed over my weight.
I’ve stared into the mirror, dissecting and inspecting and rejecting.
I’ve covered up the squishy, imperfect bits — in attempt to hide my flaws (including from myself).
I’ve pulled, sucked-in, turned, twisted, wondering how it would be if this bit, here, looked just a little different.

And I’ve gotten fed up with not having what I know I’m destined to have, just like you. 
What I know I’m THIS CLOSE to having.
What I can feel in my freaking bones, my skin, my cells, even my breath is THERE for me — just right there — like there’s an annoyingly thin
(but infuriatingly persistent) veil keeping me from what I can feel is mine.

The juiciest love.
The most delicious relationship.
The most in-powered and luscious and beautiful life.

MY JOY, waiting for me to dive in, and swim in it.

If only I could figure out how to get there.


Well, I did get there. 
And I get there more and more every day (because, let’s be honest, we’re always growing).

And you can get there, too — because I have all of the magic, all of the tools, all of the shifts that you need to make it happen.

It’s time, Goddess. 

It’s time for you to be in love.
To be Love.
And to be loved.

It’s time for you to freakin’ revel in
your relationship, your life + your self.

If you feel ready to make that your truth, I’d be so honored to stand for you getting there — come connect with me here ->>