Hop on the Love Train: Embracing Your Inner Wonder Woman

You’re standing with a man and feeling angry.

Wonder Woman, in her unwavering resolve, chooses love despite the situation she faces.

She stands up for herself, those she protects, and life itself while still recognizing the sorrow that comes with necessary action.

“I’m sorry I have to kill you,” she says.

That’s the true power of love.

Instead of “How dare you?” or “Get out of my life,” Wonder Woman harnesses the ability to stand her ground in love. She chooses not to let anger diminish her power or damage her relationships.

We can all learn to be Wonder Woman.

Get on the love train, and paint everything with love.

Think of love as a big brush, ready to color every part of life.

When your partner says something that feels ridiculous or dumb, the judgmental part of your brain wants to categorize his words.

Instead, choose to be present.

If he’s saying something and you’re feeling a certain way, acknowledge that feeling and stay in the moment.

Congratulations—you’re already on the love train!

When you’re on the love train, you’ll notice a shift within yourself.

Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, you’ll feel love for yourself and those around you.

Maybe your partner said something frustrating, but you can pause and say, “I feel this.”

You may feel a lump in your stomach, a tightness in your chest, or a knot in your throat. These physical sensations often accompany strong emotions.

The next step is to express those emotions without blame.

Describe the sensation: “I’m feeling a lump in my stomach.”

Your partner may initially react with confusion or surprise, but the important thing is that you recognize and share how you feel.

It’s not about judgment or accusations; it’s about naming the emotion and staying present with yourself.

When you’re on the love train, you will naturally expand, radiating love for yourself, your surroundings, and life itself.

You’ll notice a newfound appreciation for simply being alive.

You won’t need to fight or force change—you’ll express what’s happening inside you, shifting your mindset to openness and connection.

By painting everything with love, you remove the barriers that separate you from the world and people around you.

This also brings us to the concept of separation.

Sometimes, it feels like the person in front of you is separate like their actions can only negatively impact you.

When this belief takes hold, it’s easy to feel like life is neutral at best or like it’s working against you.

But what if you looked at life differently?

Life can be seen as a loving force that feeds you energy, air, and opportunity.

We’re all connected, just like the roots of giant redwood trees that intertwine beneath the surface to form one organism.

Embracing this interconnectedness will help you understand that love can extend beyond your immediate situation.

This mindset shift creates the foundation for staying on the love train.

When you embrace that life loves you, you naturally feed your openness and feel inspired to be your own Wonder Woman.

You don’t need to let the anger train take control because you realize that standing up for yourself doesn’t mean tearing down others.

It means expressing your feelings while holding space for your own emotions.

Take the metaphorical paintbrush, and let love color every relationship.

Your strength, just like Wonder Woman’s, comes from loving yourself and everyone around you.

Stay tuned for new posts, where we’ll explore overcoming stuckness, shutdown and so much mental noise, emotional hiding, and learning to embrace love on your journey.

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Love, Rori

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