How Being A Successful Coach Is All Feminine Energy – Video

Everything in the history of the world, in every professional and artistic avenue – up until so recently – has been all about men.

You can find women if you look hard.

Often we’re seen sitting deep in the background, or sometimes sneaking through into the history books, like Marie Curie and Georgia O’Keeffe.

This makes it so hard for us to find everyday models for how we can get what we want, be successful, have fun…

The models we see are usually so steeped in masculine energy – because they HAD to be.

Even now, we all feel the push to “suit up” and “show up” in an organized, masculine way.

Being a coach feels like a perfect profession for a woman: healing, teaching…yet, the concept of being an entrepreneur is completely colored by masculine imagery and the concept of “drive.”

In RRRCT, Rori Raye Coach Training, you’ll discover how to do it all from a totally different place: All feminine energy.

Your feminine simply radiates dreams and desires, and your inner masculine carries those dreams and desires forward.

This is not about “drive” – this is about ‘desire” – and it’s all yours, already!

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