How Do You Deserve The Good Stuff From A Man? You Just Do!

It’s so easy to get down on ourselves. To blame and shame ourselves.

Well – of course it’s easy to take aim at ourselves we’re the closest person around!

We’re the one to aim the darts at, just because we’re there!

And – if HE’S “there,” too – he’s an even easier target.

And then, that makes everything double hard.

The whole problem with trying to find blame and fault is that – it doesn’t help anything!

What ALWAYS needs happening is a “Solution.”

What’s always needed is something that “fixes” the situation.

And if it can’t be fixed, if there’s tragedy and something no one can take back – it feels as though there is absolutely nothing to be done BUT blame and fault.

When tragedy strikes, that’s when the “Stages of Grief” hit hard – and, because we’re all so naturally sensitive, because we women are always feeling ourselves in the “cross-hairs” of the darts and arrows of blame – it’s so easy for us to feel every setback, every thing that’s gone wrong as a tragedy that cannot be remedied.

The truth is, most often, do-overs are not only possible – they’re the thing that will actually FIX the situation.

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