How Sami Wunder Feels About RRRCT

I feel so grateful for every one of my brilliant coaches - my Master Coach Teachers, Certified Coaches, all RRRCT grads, and the newest amazing group of Trainees!

sami testimonialSami Wunder is an amazing coach - so gentle, kind, smart, light, quick, compassionate and very, very skillful - everything I'd want a coach to be.

She has a great personal story, too, and can really help you from her unique perspective. Thank you, Sami, for this gorgeous testimonial from 2015 - the year Sami gradated from RRRCT:

Here's the full Testimonial:

Rori Raye, you are a phenomenal woman, your work is phenomenal and RRRCT 2015 has been phenomenal.

You've been there every step of the way with me through the entire program - from helping me create a great website in BIZ to tweaking my writing to honing my coaching skills to a grand new level. Thank you for everything!

It has been an absolute privilege to work with and learn from you personally.

I always knew I had it in me but it´s all thanks to you for helping me connect with my own greatness!

I am feeling such joy and satisfaction as I sit in the comfort of my home or a cafe in Paris and coach and support women worldwide .

My business is thriving, my hours are flexible, I am getting great results for my clients and making money has never felt so effortless.

The costs of my investment in the program will be covered in no time and I feel fearless about the future.

I would highly recommend every woman who feels stuck in her current job, desires to set up her business - Go To Rori Raye´s RRRCT 2015 starting July 6th.

This woman is a powerhouse, she has so much experience in her field that she knows what she´s talking about and finally she has the incredible skill of taking your dreams and turning them into a living reality.

Sign up for RRRCT. It's a decision that will change your life. Forever..."

Sami Wunder

End Your Struggle With Love

If you want to know more about RRRCT and how you can change the entire path of your life when you become a successful, professional coach - and perhaps even a superstar "guru" like Sami has become - visit this info page and then write me personally, here:

*In addition to being absolutely"under my wing" the entire 5 months of RRRCT Training, you can begin your coaching career within the first 6 WEEKS by coaching Siren School classes, coaching private Siren School enrollees by email, Voxer, in writing on the Siren Island Facebook group - and in the private sessions of Siren Circle!

I look forward to working with you, and personally guiding you to your career as a professional coach - so it "looks" exactly how you want it to look...

Love, Rori


  1. Sami Wunder on July 3, 2015 at 12:14 am

    Thank you to you Rori for everything you´ve taught us with such an open heart!