How The Business Siren Protocols Solve This For You…

Here’s How “Work” Works For Me:

I get up in the morning. I quickly get out the door (eat something – I keep experimenting with that – drink water, bundle up) and go out walking with my dog Zeke.

We come back. I feed him, I feed myself. (I use all that time to practice being present, feeling in my body and not twirling around in my head.)


I can do a million things called “work.”

Sometimes I have a client appointment, or a meeting over Zoom with a prospective new coach (by the way, we begin RRRCT 2019 now, in case you feel moved to become a coach yourself!).

Sometimes there’s nothing on the schedule at all (I try to keep it clear).

Here is where The Business Siren Protocols work for me (Oh – If you’d like to pick up theThe Business Siren’s Handbook” go here->

I wander over to my dog and pet him, and catch a glimpse of my computer. I feel like checking something. I check my email (I’m standing at my standing desk – because I haven’t committed to anything).

And, before I know it, I’m talking on Siren Island, I’m writing out thoughts I had this morning from what I recorded in my phone as I was walking Zeke and emailed to myself into my blog, I’m putting up a Facebook post that leads to the blog, I’m looking at LinkedIn, I’m starting to get ideas.

And this is how I go all day, why I eat so many times during the day, stop and mull and percolate and walk outside and sit and sometimes turn on my phone camera or my full video set up – it’s a mish-mash.

So – if it’s a “mish-mash” – how can that work in an orderly way?

It doesn’t!!!! and that’s the secret.

Order is WAY overrated.

I GATHER. I gather pieces, bits, ideas, I put everything in writing, and, like magic, it comes together.

This, for me is creativity at its finest. Absolutely ANYTHING, no matter what it seems to be when it first shows up, can be a creative inspiration or push in some direction you may have never thought of.

You may have struggled and worked hard to figure something out that may just simply “show up.”

Love to you, and I look forward to everything going on with and for you…Love, Rori

And here’s the “10 Paths To Have It All” free guide:

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