How To Deal With “Mistreaters” And Stay A Siren…

When You’re Not Getting The Response You Want…Try This:

Hi, This is Rori,

Let’s focus on this “How To Deal With Not Getting What You Want, Desire And Need” issue that plagues us all – and go into the solution deeply…

This first Tool is just the beginning – we’ll go further and further into what to DO, logistically and action-wise when you’re not getting what you need, want and desire…and we have to start here:

Ways We React When We’re “Slighted,” Offended, Or Mistreated:

Anger, rage, frustration, sadness, grief, wilting, pulling back, giving up, going away, shutting down, being “extra” nice, “trying to do better,” apologizing, kissing up, changing our plans, changing our words, changing ourselves, lashing out, backing off, leaving, stopping ourselves, getting depressed, falling into despair,swimming in confusion, shrugging it off, saying it doesn’t matter…

The “Shoe Dropping” Pattern:

Sometimes we go through ALL of these feelings and reactions!

Most often, the way we react and feel when this happens is the way we ALWAYS react and feel when this happens.

When we even feel a “glimmer” of this happening, we often just automatically go through the whole habitual procedure – a Pattern – we always go through.

Instead of “becoming de-sensitived” and “less reactive” – we get MORE sensitive!

We may not NOTICE that we’re getting less sensitive – because we’re just getting USED to the feeling, and going to resignation about the emotional pattern about to come. We prepare for it.

And, if you’re like most of us women, you may be so used to being “prepared” for “the other shoe dropping” – or someone saying something to take the wind out of your sails – that you STOP yourself before you even “put yourself out there!”

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The “Rolling On” Tool:

Here’s a way to keep your momentum, and let yourself roll into the “unknown” of what Having It All can be like:

So – try this out –

1. Start talking to yourself.

2. Follow your statements down and around, follow where they lead –

3. Turn them into questions. Question your assumptions, see if you like things you thought you hate, see if you hate things you thought you liked, and


It might look and sound like this:

“Other people have every right to treat me anyway they want because they are THEM, and I don’t control them, and I don’t have to change them.”

“Other people have a right to do whatever they do.” “If people treat me like crap it’s up to them.”

“Who decides who gets to treat who like crap?”

“Am I the one who decides?”

“How powerful do I think I am?”

“Am I ASKING them to treat me like crap?”

“Do I WANT them to treat me like crap?”

“Do I want to be punished?”

“Wow – I don’t know!”

“What if I had a choice?” “Would I choose to be treated like crap?”

“What if I do want that?” “Well –

That’s OKAY!” “Part of me wants to be treated like crap, okay.”

AND:  “Lots of parts of me DON’T want to be treated like crap, though.” “Lots of parts of me are feeling really angry about all this, now…and it’s okay to feel angry…”

5. ALWAYS AGREE with yourself. Hug yourself.  All this confusion is okay.

Lift Your Lid

The idea here is to lift the lid holding you down and holding you back.

Just a bit.

To lift the lid and let all the goblins, warts and toads OUT.

And then smother them with LOVE, acceptance and honor until they turn into harmless little pesky voices you can easily drown out with MORE love, whenever you need to go focus on your DESIRES.

Because your DESIRES are where it’s at.

This is why it’s POSSIBLE to Have It All!

We just aren’t trained to even think that way. We’re trained for limitations. For “balance.” For supply and demand, and equilibrium.

We are always weighing what we desire, what we want, against what others have.

We’re always judging the value of our wants, needs and desires – and as a Siren – this stops NOW.

This is where we’re going, on the Desire Train.  The Train of Wants.

Let’s go – all aboard!

You can get your immediate relationship situation solved! – and learn to use the Modern Siren toolbox to go deeply into the joyful, fun, easy, dreamy relationship you want with the Rori Raye coach of your choice here:

Love, Rori

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