How To Feel Heard By Listening To “Everything”

You can change your life without "doing" anything!

Okay - here's how this goes.

Listening To Myself is - it's all about me...

Listening To Him is - it's all about the person I'm listening to...

Listening To Everything is - it's all about everything.

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*Listening To Ourselves is's what we do most of the time. We're in our own heads, hearing our own voices...

*Listening To Him is a bit harder. Here, we need to get out of our own spaces, our own heads our own voices, and begin to "hang over there" - where the other person is.

*And the most satisfying, peaceful and awesome way to Listen - To "Everything" - is something that needs practice and bravery.

It's essentially hearing everything going on around you, all the voices, sounds, breezes, electrical impulses, even the grass growing.

It means we "take it all in."

So - how do you walk around all day being all about everything?

Let's say you're sitting over coffee with a man you like (or want to discover if you like...).  You're at a business meeting with your boss or a co-worker. You're at a networking meeting, sitting around the table, or standing in front of someone, talking, during the "mixer" part of the event.

* You begin "Listening to Him" by simply being "with" him or her. Not trying to do anything. Not thinking about your response, or how you relate to what's being said. (That would be "Listening to Myself.")

* You're following his "trains of thought," following his words around, visualizing what he's sharing, looking at his face, his eyelashes - being absolutely present with "him." At the same time, you're also being absolutely present with yourself, your body, your feelings, and responding to the voices inside your own head calling for attention with love, patience and compassion - without switching your focus over to them.

* When you speak - you're Listening To Yourself by feeling what you feel, speaking what you feel, being with yourself.

Now - you add Listening to Everything by adding an AWARENESS of everything that's going on around you:

The temperature in the room, the noise level, the air conditioner, the sound of dishes, or cars - and rather than distracting you from the awareness of your feelings as you're Listening To Yourself, or your awareness and "presentness" of Listening To Him - it ADDS to the whole thing.

It puts you in CONTEXT.  It makes you feel human.  It keeps you from zeroing in on anything.

In order to do this, you have to sink into yourself, relax your shoulders, do the whole Rori Raye Dance Position, and be WITH everything.

This will mess with your head.

It will interrupt your thinking, because you can't be spinning/thinking and be WITH everything, in the PRESENT, at the same time.

So try it.

Try it with a friend or a co-worker, or stand up with the cashier at the market, and try it.

* When he or she talks, be at "Listening to Everything."  This means not hanging out solely at "Listening To Myself"  - it means being with him or her wherever they are in expressing themselves, and also EXPERIENCING everything else in the environment around you.

Try it by yourself.

* Sit or stand in the middle of the room, wherever you are, and see if you can Listen to Everything.  Everything that's vibrating, or speaking, or sending energy out into the space, or sucking it down.

* Relax your body in bits and pieces, shoulders first, then drop the thoughts in your brain into your pelvis - then move around your body and breathe.

* See if you can blend this awareness of your body with an awareness of the sound of birds calling outside the window, or the hum of your computer.

If you'd like to learn to not only "do" this and  "be" this, but "teach, coach and help other women to do and be this": To feel heard, to feel how connected things can be between you and another person, between you and an entire room, between you and the world - you may be thinking of becoming a professional coach.

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And how does "Listening to Everything" change your relationship with a man, a boss, a co-worker, a client, a prospective business partner, a friend...?

Because your entire "vibe" changes when you do this.

You become soft and calm, and so much stronger on the inside.

You become present.

Anyone with you feels heard, feels safe - and feels like he or she can't get superficial stuff past you. No need for "boundaries"!

They can feel your depth.

YOU can feel your depth.

Let me know what it feels like for you, and I'll be doing it today, right along with you.  Listening To Everything from here.

Love, Rori

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