How To Get The Commitment You Want Without Stressing, Chasing, Ultimatums, Frustration, Anxiety, Or "Discussion" - All With The Modern Siren™ Method And Your Genuine Feminine Energy...

Live Online Masterclass/Workshop With Rori Raye On Sunday, June 23rd at 12 noon US Central Time!

What Happens In The "Get The Commitment You Want" Masterclass/Workshop?

♥  I'll start with giving you the Steps we'll be working on, laying out solutions for different situations and scenarios - and then:

♥  The "Demos" will teach you how to USE the Tools (even if you've never tried them before, or if you HAVE tried them and didn't get the results you wanted).

♥  You'll have the opportunity to work with me, live, one-to-one as we unravel your situation and literally re-structure it with "Scripting", the way to Circular Date that works (no matter what your situation looks like!), my "Settle Him In" Tool, and -

You'll learn how to use these "Commitment Tools" in whatever situation you're in right now:

...a long-term relationship that's stuck, or

...a brand-new relationship that's WAY too "open-ended" for your comfort - or

...a dating experience that's frustrating with men who're confusing or low-quality...

You'll get a custom-designed and Scripted plan to "engage" a man you're with, inspire multiple men you're dating, or enter a new Dating Process we'll put together for you - so it'll get you want you Want, instead of accidentally bringing you more stuckness and heartache....

If you're already in a relationship that seems like it's not going where you want it to go:

I know the feeling.

You're full of excitement about something that happened, or you're looking forward to cuddling up with him tonight - and, when he shows up to see you (or when you show up to see him) - he's cold.

And not just cold, like angry...he just seems distracted. Like he doesn't really want to be there.

If you're like I was, you try to lighten things up by starting a lively conversation, starting with your great experience of the day ...only he isn't much interested.

You ask him if something's wrong.

He looks at you like you're crazy...what do you mean, he says...and then you're off.

It's like two trains meeting head on.

You want to be with him, and he doesn't know where he wants to be.

What makes it worse is that you may already be his girlfriend...or a woman he's been dating for months...or even more frustrating (I've been here...) you live with him.

Every day it gets sadder and more difficult, because you feel trapped.

You're trying to figure out - constantly - if you should "go" or "stay" with him...but you love him. You believe in him.

So you blame everything on you.

And - the truth is: you've done nothing wrong.  If he's withdrawing, going cold, or just not reaching out to you - it's not your fault.

Technically, it's not his fault either - but, the reality about him is: He doesn't have the same skills that you have for talking about things.

He doesn't even know where to start.

So, the easiest thing for him is to just clam up, keep doing what he's been doing, and hope you tolerate it all.

He doesn't really know what he wants, because he realizes he's being asked to make a decision about how he feels about you - and that pressure just makes him want to shut down more.

So he does.

He shuts down, backs away, and hopes you'll stay.

Or, and this is where the pain really feels overwhelming for us: He subconsciously hopes you'll leave so he doesn't have to do anything or make any decisions.

He just wants to take the pressure off, and doesn't know how to communicate.

He may not want to give you up, but he also doesn't have the bandwidth to give you what you want.

And - you feel stuck. Because you are.

The really tragic thing about this situation is that it can be fixed!  It can!

My relationship with my husband was on the rocks so many times before the light bulb went on in my head, I never, ever thought I'd end up so happy and as fulfilled as I am now.

If I could do this - and I was (and sometimes still am) a champion crumb-taker, always able to get talked into being steamrolled, a woman who was so "reactive" that my whole life was about "not rocking the boat" - then I absolutely KNOW you can do it too!

All it takes is a bit of courage, and a willingness to begin to trust your deepest, most Feminine Energy self.

The Commitment Masterclass will be a "hands-on" workshop so you'll actually have a plan (and be able to "rehearse" it during the Workshop) to help you fix a relationship or dating situation that's stuck.

It seems like words are the "thing", right?

Actually, they're not.

Yes, words are important, but they don't work with him if he can't feel what you're telling him.

Your "vibe" is the thing.

It's the energy radiating from you that he picks up on.

Though he may be totally clueless about so many things about you and your relationship - even about how to operate at all in a relationship! -  He can pick up your vibe.

He picks up on things like this: ", she feels warm, I'll get closer to her..." or "...she's angry with me, I can tell...I'll just go watch the game..." , or - and this has the strongest "push/pull effect on him: "...she wants me to do something again...I'll just get busy with work..." or, ", she's just sitting in the chair there...I want to kiss her..." 

You Can Shift Everything In Just One Moment With Him...

The secret is in how we "respond" and "react" to all the emotions inside us and the ones coming at us from him - with truth and vulnerability.

This way, when we speak to him - we feel like "us"...!

You already know what it feels like to "feel like you" - and that's the key.

We can be opening our heart and arms to him, welcoming him no matter what's going on and focusing on "love" - or we can be shutting down and focusing on "anger"..  

We can say words that sound accepting and loving - but if what we're actually feeling is overwhelm, anger and pain - all he'll feel is confusion and the hardest thing for him to get his head around: mistrust.

If he feels like you're "putting a good face on it" - he'll feel manipulated, and not trust you.

And if you focus on anger, he'll feel blamed and just shut down to you.

Steps 1 and 2 of The Commitment Masterclass will help you make this simple shift every time you start to "react" instead of "respond".

Then, in Step 3 of The Commitment Masterclass, you'll learn how to get deeper into your feelings, find your Feminine Energy, and then start to radiate your emotions in a deeper, powerfully attractive way.

Step 4 is about the words, because words are crucial.

You have to get across what it is you want, right? You have to say what you feel and what's important to you!

You have to openly express yourself, and the deeper you're willing to go with expressing yourself to him, the deeper your relationship will go!

When you start, though - is can be hard, because it's not something we've ever done before!

It's a new step, and the emotional intimacy of it can be really frightening not just for him - but for us, too!

You can pretty much expect that the first time you start to speak about something that could cause a conflict - he'll react the way he always reacts - and it's going to immediately make you want to react the way you always did!

So, this is where you need the Tools to practice (like a rehearsal!) in order to get used to staying with yourself and not get pulled in.

I mean, he's thrown bait at you all the time, to pull you in to be the kind of woman that will drive him away! He does that subconsciously, yet on purpose, because he's scared - so don't fall for it!

You'll want to learn to stay in your Feminine Energy and use the words that are true for your deepest self.

So what are these words? What do they look like?

This is my well-known Tool called Feeling Messages™ (you may have heard someone out there using it), and you'll learn how to use it, and get some "Scripts" to help you in Step 4 of The Commitment Masterclass.

It's all about learning to express your "Feeling State" in words he can hear. 

And then, in Step 5, if you're not married to him or living together, you'll learn how to "Settle Him In" - and this is a big, incredibly effective Tool for The Third Way.