Read A Man Video program

Learn How to read a man's intentions, his character, where his heart really is...and if he's worth it...

To bring him closer...without "chasing him", "understanding him", "being supportive", or "waiting for him" -

By accessing your Feminine Energy, your magical Intuition - and the help of Tools of the Arcane Arts...

The live Masterclass event happened on September 10th, 2023, yet you can get the entire, amazing experience on Video and Audio recordings, plus written Materials, here:

Learn To:

See into him.

See his character, his wounds, his soft spots, his stuck spots...

See his ability for love, his emotional "tuning" for love, the blocks you can dissolve, and the blocks that will require more than your love and skills...

See his intentions toward you, his affection for women in general, and his anger for women in general...

See not just his "potential" - but his absolute reality.

Hi, This is Rori Raye, and if the man you want seems to be coming in close to you - and then going away again...over and over...

Physically: He's sometimes with you and sometimes somewhere else after work and on weekends...

Emotionally: He's sometimes madly in love with you, and sometimes not even knowing you're standing in the room with him.

And Mentally: He's old enough and mature enough to know what "relationship" is, and what "commitment" is - yet, he seems to be so utterly clueless you can't help but think it's because of something you're doing wrong...

If the man you want is dicey, squirrely, confusing, here and then gone, calling and then not, loving and then cold...

You can know, likely for the first time, the reality you're facing with him, how to maximize his potential without falling into the "Hopeful Pit", how to engage him emotionally in a more powerful way, and to make the best decisions for yourself about how to move forward.

What if you could turn things completely around?

What if, instead of coming and going, rubberbanding, going hot and then cold, sticking like glue and then disappearing and doing everything that feels designed to keep you off balance - you could feel him turn immediately, consistently, constantly, devoted to you?

What if it only took a tiny little shift in your "relationship dynamic"?

A tiny shift that's something you've never tried before, and he's never seen from you before.

Something with no games, strategies or pretending.

And - something WAY easier than what you're doing now?!

Is this scenario anything like your experiences with men?:



Perhaps you're in a relationship, and you're the perfect girlfriend...

I mean - a seriously great girlfriend.

You're pretty, smart, funny, and kind.

You know all of his favorites - foods, drinks, music, places, you name it!

You keep the house clean, you're independent, you make money, you cook like a chef and have Rock Star sex.

He's number one in your world and you make sure he knows it.

You even send him cute little texts all day to let him know you're thinking of him.

His friends and family LOVE YOU - they say your the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Since you came along, he dresses better, works harder, has grown so much as a person, and it's all thanks to YOU.

You are making him a better man!

So, why is he the only one who doesn't see it?

Why is he still withdrawn, ungrateful, and moody?

Why do you feel like he barely likes you some days?

Or - worse yet - why did he LEAVE?

What more can you do?

There's nothing more frustrating in the world than caring about someone and a relationship and having the man you love just...sit there.

He takes it all in, takes everything you give him, and gives to you when he feels like it...which is usually enough to keep you going...

And not enough to make you happy.

This idea we've all been taught, that women are supposed to be the one who "keeps a relationship together" and "makes it all work" is not only exhausting - it's WRONG!

It plain doesn't work.

Or, perhaps you're dating, and...

...every man you meet seems like the opposite of a "match" for you...or never shows up for date #2...3...4...

How is this even happening?

And then, the big questions I hear from so many women are these: Why is this low quality man showing up, over and over again?


Why do I keep falling for him???!!!!!

One of the most painful things I hear is this:

"Rori, I just KNOW he's the man for me! He's my Twin Flame for sure, it's just so hard to breakthrough to him!"

It's these kind of questions, frustrations and situations we'll be working through with you - and actually solving - at the How To Read A Man Masterclass on Sunday the 10th

What To Expect At The How To Read A Man Masterclass:

Though we'll be focusing on the Feminine power of your Intuition, and teaching you how to build it, use it, and trust it...

We'll be doing something I've never done before in any program: Offering "Readings" with an incredible lineup of superstar coaches who are also long-time experts in Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Channeling, and Intuitive Readings:


Brittney Rain

is a psychic and empath, and will be reading Oracle cards for you, personally, if you'd like, Brittney is a totally awesome force of nature impacting so many women right now all over social media and in her classes and program.


Rachel Ruby

is a Tarot expert, and will help you, personally, one-to-one, see men as "Kings" with very different qualities you can learn to "read". You, of course, are Queen!, and Rachel will help you feel so much more comfortable with your power.

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Mariah Grey

is a "Spirit Channel". I've known and loved Mariah for so many years, respected her brilliance in so many things on so many levels, and only discovered this last month that she channels.


Susan Gagliardi

is an astrologer, and will gather your individual Astral Map in moments, then work through it with you, personally. This is a massive "self-love" experience, where "radical acceptance" meets discoveries of your true awesomeness!

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Natalina Love

is so many things - brilliant coach, Siren School Director, inspired Boss Babe - and also a professional "reader".

What makes everyone here so unique and special...

is that everyone of us has a feeling for the arcane, the spiritual, the "cosmic" - and yet a solid, feet-on-the-ground, Modern Siren head for "sense".

*We'll make sense of Twin Flames and Soulmates, work with your unique situation in several different ways, and tie everything to Feminine Energy is being a "Siren".

*After about 45 minutes working together "Masterclass/Workshop-style",  we'll divide into 5 break-out-rooms so you can get a chance to be "read" - and learn to enhance your own Intuition mightily -  personally with Brittney, Rachel, Susan, Mariah or Natalina

*I will be moving from room to room, and then, we'll come together to expand on what you've learned about yourself, and how the coaches expressed the learnings to you - so you can begin to include every man you meet into your "circle" of Intuition.

This is a completely different and awesome way to begin to unravel the old, useless "Patterns" we've all been doing over and over, like a hamster on a wheel - and branch out into true Feminine Intuition and all it's incredible power.

A Note: You may have discovered by now that if you're not interested in working with psychics, Tarot and Oracle cards, Astrology, and hearing about Twin Flames, Soulmates, and everything else I and these coaches have planned for the Masterclass - this Masterclass is not for you!

I brought this Masterclass together after a video - where I spoke about how Tarot cards once saved my sanity - created an incredible dialogue with so many women who feel interested in both the Arcane Arts, and the seemingly far-out science of energy, vibration, sub-atomic particles, Quantum Physics, and all the other mysteries of the Universe.

If this is your cup of tea, I look forward to meeting you!

Here's a letter from a client:

"Rori, For three years, I called psychic mediums almost every night to confirm that I and my ex would be together again.

We had a complicated on-and-off relationship but I “knew” he felt the same thing as me (even though he said he “liked me but did not love me” and that he “wanted to be free”).

I just wouldn’t give up that he was the one.

However much I tried to forget him, it didn’t work.

I thought we were meant to be together because we constantly found our way back to each other.

Although it was so expensive to call mediums, it was worth it not to feel the anxiety and uneasiness of exercising patience.

My friends were tired of hearing me talk about him.

Mediums gave me comfort and support, and “understood” me and my ex telepathic bond.

Calling mediums gave me validation that I was not crazy to wait for him.

But one day I came across your powerful tools, and my whole love life changed on a dime..."


The Truth Is:

Men WANT to be your white knight in shining armor, protect, love you and adore you.

Men WANT to do more work in the relationship and be more romantic.

The biggest myth that exists is that men can’t stand emotions and that they have commitment fears.