How To Talk To A Man -

The Expansion Pack!

If you already own  the "How to Talk To A Man" ebook by Jeffrey Mark Levine (Rori Raye's husband!)  - you'll want to know exactly what you'll get with the new "Expansion Pack" 

(And if you don't already own it, you can "bundle" them together below):

How To Talk To A Man (3)

You'll Get:

1. More examples, more scenarios and situations, more Scripts and more understanding of how a man thinks, what makes him "feel" you, how to talk to him in specific ways that make him feel relaxed, make him trust you,  and make him want to BE with you!

2. A deep, easy-to-read-and-understand layout (with charts!) of the psychology behind your new skills of Jeffrey's "Conscious Communication" methodology - so you feel incredibly secure as you venture into using all of the techniques of "How To Talk To A Man" - EXPANDED!

3. A complete, practical, ready-for-you-to-use  understanding of the difference words make - because of the difference between "real" and "faux" "feelings", the tiny, itty-bitty difference in the words you use that makes a man feel good, warm, sexy and in love - or defensive, pissed-off and shut down.

4. Audio recordings where Jeffrey himself walks you through all the written materials of The Expansion Pack - so you can listen from anywhere!  (It really makes a huge difference to hear a MAN'S voice giving you all of these amazing aha's, full instructions and Scripts.

5. BONUS: The complete video replay of the "How To Talk To A Man Masterclass" where Jeffrey and Rori Raye give examples from their own marriage, demonstrate how to stop an argument before it stops, and answer so many personal questions and scenarios that may be exactly what your situation needs.

6. BONUS: The complete written transcript of the "How To Talk To A Man Masterclass" with Jeffrey and Rori turned into a book!

Get The How To Talk To A Man Expansion Pack for only $37 - and download it right now! 

Though Jeffrey is an executive coach, a Non-Violent communication expert, a Conscious Communication expert, a parenting expert - often working with men in all kinds of situations (work and personal), partners in a business gone wrong, and women stuck in difficult work environments - he's never before thought of himself as a "love and relationship" coach until I "conscripted" him for this Masterclass.

He wanted to title it all kinds of academic ways - Improving Marriage, etc. - but I knew what he does as a coach is way beyond that - and the way he behaves as a man with me is way beyond the ways most men show up.

I also knew he gives me at least half the credit for the daily and yearly success of our marriage - without knowing ANYTHING about "The Modern Siren" Tools or the Rori Raye Method.

In How To Talk To A Man - both the ebook and the Expansion Pack with our Masterclass replay and materials - you'll get my gift to you: A demonstration of what a happy woman in a happy  marriage looks like (me!) in the Masterclass videos, and a compete tutorial on MEN from a man I personally know (because I live with him 24/7)  is trustworthy, incredibly astute, truly caring, straight-forward and clear in his presentation and a model for the kind of "partner" a Modern Siren wants to be in relationship with.

Jeffrey tells you how to talk to a man. No frills. No abstract concepts. Information, Scripts, situation-solves. Everything you need.

Love, Rori

If you don't already own Jeffrey's "How to Talk To A Man - the ebook" - the amazing, clear, now runaway-best-selling book, you can bundle it with The Expansion Pack here:

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