How To Turn Your Pain Into Love – The Solution

Every experience you’ve had in your life has been etched into your bones, into your skin, and into your soul.

Everything you’ve ever said. Everything that’s been said to you. Every heartbreak. Every disappointment. Every celebration. Every orgasm. Every trauma. Every tear.

Your body remembers everything that’s happened to you.

And so sometimes, when you feel hurt, it’s because your body is recalling a painful memory.

You may be watching TV or cleaning your bedroom when you’re suddenly hit with a terrible feeling. A frightening fear. A momentary vision of something horrible happening.

And that hurt can be debilitating.

It can have you lying down in a second because it just zapped up all your energy.

Hurt can have you curled into the fetal position, trying to find comfort and protection like you had in the womb.

Hurt can tighten your stomach. It can drain you of your tears. It can make you numb.

I know exactly what this feels like. I’ve spent memorable time in my life curled up on a rug, calling every friend I had, keeping them talking to me as long as they would, enlisting everyone and everything I knew to help me stay emotionally afloat instead of drowning in my terror and sorrow.

I thought “distraction” and “talk”was the solution – but it wasn’t even close.

Then, once, in a moment I’ll always remember (a moment that put me on my trajectory as a coach and as Rori Raye out in the world), after I’d worn out the talk and distractions and felt “limp” – a completely different experience of my hurt ran through my body.

In that moment, I began my learning of what hurt and pain really were for me – what they could be for me – and it changed my life.

“The Solution” program that Dr. Jeanine Staples and I created ((The Solution has hours and hours of video and audio recordings with new Tools, incredibly inspirational and creative solutions to your everyday (and intensely unique and urgent!) experiences and circumstances, plus a full written Manual)) – will help you with everything in your life right now.

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Here’s a taste of what you need to know to begin your new experience of your emotions and the power they hold for you:

*That horrible feeling… It’s trying to protect you.

*Your body and all it’s stored memories just want you to be safe.

*And if you let yourself truly FEEL it, without judgement. It will only last 90 seconds.

This is the brain science:

*You have a thought (you’re triggered).

*Your brain releases chemicals throughout your body.

*And you have a physiological experience (a feeling).

*In 90 seconds, those chemicals will have completely dissipated from your blood. The feeling will be over.

And this takes practice.

Most people instinctively (and through the training we’ve all had since we were born) entangle themselves in their hurt.

*They add a story to it. They add judgement to it. They escalate it.

*They increase and continue their own hurt.

*They build a loop, a pattern, a cycle and then they trap themselves in it.

This happens not because there’s anything wrong with them.…it’s simply because they haven’t been taught a different way.

*They haven’t been taught how to truly FEEL. So those feelings only last 90 seconds.

*They haven’t been taught how to love, comfort, soothe, and appreciate themselves…so their feelings aren’t as intense.

This stuff isn’t taught in school.

But every human being, ESPECIALLY you, as a women, can use these tools and teachings to transform your life.

Because, think about this… What would your life look like if your pain, hurt, and fear didn’t hold you back any longer?

*What kind of love could you have if you weren’t reliving your past traumas every time you got a text message you felt like you needed to decode?

*What kind of partnership could you build if you weren’t waiting and wondering when the other shoe would drop?

*What kind of life could you live if you went after what you TRULY wanted with the power to just experience your fear for 90 seconds… … every time you reached the outer limits of your comfort zone?

The answer is: A really beautiful, loving, full, connected life.

And that’s what I and Dr. Jeanine Staples, my “The Solution” program partner, want for you.

Which is why Jeanine will be adding to the power of The Solutions she and I address and solve in The Solution program by teaching and coaching you on what to do with your hurt, your pain, your fear – live! – inside her upcoming challenge.

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I truly believe that if you show up and participate every day to work with Jeanine and her team, you’ll be on your way to calling in a life and love that’s so amazing, you didn’t even think it was possible for you.

In less than one week!

In just 6 days, you can have a whole new relationship with your hurt. With your own body. With your memories. With your pain.

You can use them to help you…Not hinder you!

All you have to do now is click on the link, and say “YES” to joining Jeanine in this challenge….And she’ll show you how to use The Solutions we’ve created, with her amazing, personal additions and expansions to The Solution program, to change your own life. Get The Solution program (videos and written manual – hours and hours of it!), and your seat to Jeanine’s online Change Your Life coaching here->

Love, Rori and Jeanine

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