How To Use the Business Siren Protocols To Be A Girl ALL The Time…

If you’re feeling like you’re in the middle of an epic struggle between your feminine and masculine inner voices – you’re not alone..

When I’m experiencing this, I can feel it almost like a freeze.

It’s like my heart and soul go into instant hibernation, and all of a sudden whirling activity and thoughts start to take over..

I’m moving quickly, thoughts are moving rapid-fire through my brain. I even start to talk fast. I feel confused.

This is just what we all go through when we’re confronted with every day stresses, so much to do, and then the admonition from everyone out there to “take care of yourself….”

If you find it hard to even find a half an hour to eat, or do exercises or do anything that isn’t “productive” that feels good in anyway… Then you’re exactly like me.

AND – It doesn’t work piecemeal like this.

I don’t get to set some time aside for “being a girl” and then the rest of the time let my “inner boy” dash around running everything… It doesn’t work like that…

So – when I find myself in this kind of moment, and I catch myself, I use all of my Modern Siren Tools and Business Siren Protocols.

I stop whatever I’m doing (because I know that whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it to keep myself from feeling something…).

Whatever I’m doing, I know I’m doing it from my masculine energy. I’m doing it because my inner boy wants (needs!) to understand what’s going on. He wants to have “say.” He wants to run it, control it. It’s the only way he feels safe. He believes NO other person can watch out for “us” (all that is “me”) – like he can.

And this will never work for me – or for you.

We are women. We are emotional creatures. No matter how well organized you are, or how methodical you like to be, once your inner boy takes over and starts running the show that is you – you get immediately disconnected from your feelings, and instantly feel off from your true, organic source of power and wisdom.

When I stop moving, because I know that moving is coming from my inner boy, all of a sudden, all the feelings I’ve been stuffing down start to bubble up.

It can feel overwhelming and confusing and ugly for the first few moments.

Sometimes I just have to sit down on the floor.

But once I do, I can feel my feminine energy begin to take the stage.

All of a sudden, all the grabbing and pushing and chasing I instinctively wanted to do from my masculine energy turns into the desire, the wanting, the fun that then turns into love, relationship, romance, money and success out in the world.

It’s all the same.  When we stop chasing the world – the world comes to us.

This is what the Business Siren Protocols are all about, allowing your feminine energy to be the force behind everything.

A Business Siren doesn’t have to push. All she has to do is: Desire from her feminine, and then her masculine energy just goes into action for her.

Even if you are a highly organized woman (perhaps a “1” on the Enneagram scale), where you like things methodical and ordered – you are a woman.

You are experiencing how dry and unfulfilling it is to be led by a need for order. (The great new “decluttering experts” are all now about EMOTION!)

All of those magnificent organizational skills you have will always come in SO handy once your inner girl has expressed what she really feels and wants. That’s when everything becomes easy and fun.

And, if you’re like so many of us, you DREAD organizing, you’ll discover, as a Business Siren, how to “gather” instead of “make order.”

So – if you’re having this experience – where you WANT and DESIRE to be bigger out in the world than you are right now – to have MORE of everything – love, romance, good-feeling work, money, opportunities, connections, relationships, status, power…I’ve got something completely different and awesome for you – the Business Siren Mastermind!

Whoa – you say – I‘m here for love and romance, why are we talking about “business”?

Well – the truth is, we all “work.”  All of us.

We’re all concerned about money, we all get up in the morning and “do” something that brings us money (whether or not we enjoy doing what we do…).

We either go to a place with a few or a lot of other people – many of them men – and then slog through our day doing menial, or difficult, or sometimes fun things; or we’re fortunate and do creative things that make us feel good and inspired, or we sit at home, working on our entrepreneurial business in front of our laptop.

No matter what it is we do – we work.

AND, yes – we are in the middle of an epic struggle between our feminine and masculine inner voices.

When we slog – we’re in masculine energy.  It’s as though we thoroughly shut down our girl selves and “suit up.”

If we’re feeling inspired – we’re in our feminine energy. And that’s what The Business Siren Protocols will tell you is the “primary” way for you to “work.” –

That being in your feminine energy, no matter what you’re working on – brain surgery, an argument at the Supreme Court, checking out at a grocery store, writing a book, marketing or secretarial work for someone else – is not only possible, it’s OPTIMUM!!!!

My inbox is filled with stories of women who work in jobs dominated by men (often, they were the lone woman in a platoon of men).

One in particular was totally shocked by how the men around her behaved under pressure: In an intense situation  they all wanted to listen to HER.

They wanted HER intution, senses, direction. They could tell by the way she was FEELING what they should be doing next.

Rather than look down their noses at “the girl” – they looked to her to save their lives.

This is what it’s like in the workplace when there’s a woman who trusts her intuition and feelings – and then speaks it out loud.  This is WAY more powerful than having “an opinion” – or trying to sway a conversation or a decision.  This is serious feminine power. And it LOOKS and feels different from male, masculine power.

Here’re some of the reasons you may want to try out The Business Siren Mastermind:

*You read The Business Siren’s Handbook, were blown away, and want to live like a Business Siren in YOUR unique situation…

*You have a boss who makes you feel terrible, and you leave work cranky and angry,

*You have co-workers you’d like to be romantic with (with HR permission, of course) – and you’re just so “suited up” all day long, it’s impossible.

*You come home from work so in your masculine energy, you can’t wrench yourelf away from it enough to turn back into a “girl” who attracts masculine men.

*You feel so stressed working on anything, studying – doing almost any chore – you can’t even feel, much less feel sexy…

*You can’t turn on your feminine glow after being in masculine paper-pushing all day…

*You want to know how to get a raise..

*You want to know how to get respect in the workplace and get a promotion.

*You want everyone at work to think you’re awesome…

*You want to feel good when you’re working…

*Building a business or professional practice is taking up ALL your time, ALL your energy, and you don’t even know if what you’re doing is succeeding…

*You’re so “in your head” about everything going on, you hardly know what it feels like to just “be…”

*You feel alone out there, don’t feel heard or understood, and feel frustrated…

*It feels impossible to be successful, powerful and smart and have  relationship with a decent man at the same time…

And so many more reasons.

To read more and decide if you want to get amazing help and support for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in your “work” world right now –  so you can STAY in your feminine energy and “do stuff like a girl” 100% of the time – go here->

The Business Siren Mastermind->

And, as always, if you have questions about The Business Siren Mastermind, or how I even came up with the “Protocols” and this whole new way of “being” 24/7 – just fill out a contact form here on, and I’ll get right back to you…

Love, Rori

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