If You Feel Like A Man At Work, And Really Hate The Way It Feels And How It Backfires On You All The Time – Especially In Love…

Here’s some quick help for your situation (and we’re ALL in this situation!) from Michelle Manley – who leads The Business Siren Mastermind along with me and Mariah Grey – Here’s how The Business Siren Protocols can change your life:

“How I Changed From A Woman Who Intimidated Men And My Work Colleagues To A Women Who Is Valued For Her Warmth And Calm…

If you’d known me 7 years ago you’d have known me as ‘Corporate’ Michelle.

I APPEARED confident, capable and I was quite a bit intimidating – well that was certainly a word I heard used a lot to describe me.

A word I hated to hear!

MICHELLE MANLEY is unique in so many ways…

I didn’t like being perceived in that way.

Actually, at times I did feel confident and capable AND I also felt frazzled, exhausted, stressed and a fraud!

I had the ‘imposter syndrome’ big style!

Fast forward 7 years and I think I STILL appear confident and capable.

I’m ALSO soft, gentle and warm (well most of the time!) – thankfully these are now the words I hear used to describe me.

In addition, I DO FEEL confident and capable AND I also feel content, excited and energized.

There are moments, too, when I feel scared, tired and overwhelmed – and they are just that, moments.

What’s made the difference?

It’s working and doing business as a ‘Girl’ – rather than doing business like a ‘Man’!

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Preparing for the Mastermind has led me to reflect on the changes my ‘Girl’ – my feminine energy – has brought to my career.

The changes are HUGE!

I LOVE being in my feminine energy in my work.

It FEELS like home.

I LOVE directing my career from my ‘Girl’.

My feminine energy has been behind my move from Corporate Senior Manager through working for myself as a Management Consultant to being an entrepreneur creating and growing my own relationship coaching business.

One of the biggest changes I’ve experienced is FEELING IN CHARGE.

I let go of “control” and replace it with a sense of being in charge of myself.

Being in charge of myself is within me – I CAN BE in charge. It doesn’t depend on anyone or anything else.

Whereas, being in control of everything around me is not within me. It depends on external factors.

And as much as I’d like to, I can’t control what’s outside.  I can inspire and influence what’s out there from inside myself – but working to control it feels WAY different, and way less satisfying than being in charge of me.

I see now why trying to be in control has led to frustration, disappointment and exhaustion.

Yet, being in charge feels powerful and energising.

It’s a place that helps me say ‘Yes’ and say ‘No’ at the right times.

I say ‘Yes’ to the things that FEEL right to me, even if I also feel fear and overwhelmed.

If it’s what I WANT and NEED I have the confidence to say ‘Yes’.

And my confidence provides the resource to see me through it.

Similarly, I say ‘No’ to the things that don’t FEEL right. I’m able to catch myself thinking ‘I should’ do that, and instead, go directly to my feelings for the right answer.

This helps incredibly, especially when making high-stakes decisions where everyone around is often stuck in “urgency.”

In the past I said ‘Yes’ to things I didn’t WANT or NEED to do.

And they ALWAYS took longer to do, or didn’t work out, or I gave up on them; leaving me feeling resentful, weakened and powerless.

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As part of doing business as a ‘Girl’ I use all my Dating and Relationship tools in my work.

I have my Career Happy Ever After.

And just like my Relationship Happy Ever After I don’t focus on my checklist of ‘things’ I want, and I let go of how I want it to LOOK.

I focus instead on how I want to FEEL in my work.

This has opened up so many more possibilities for me, as I’m not tied into it looking a certain way.

I Lean Back!

This is where the MAGIC is.

I attract business and clients to me, rather than chase or ‘try’.

I’m an invitation.

Just like when we Lean Back with a man and create space, he’s drawn to us – it’s exactly the same in business and work.

You can draw your colleagues, and even your boss, to you.

And with the words you choose to speak, you can have them wanting to hear what you have to say and seek out your contribution and value.

The one area where work is different to relationships is that in work YOU NEED TO GET THINGS DONE.

You need your masculine energy – your ‘Boy’.

I employ my Boy to get things done.

It’s my ‘Girl’ who defines where I want to be in my work, and my ‘Boy’ energy then does what needs to be done.

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Entrepreneurial needs, like:

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*Your Internet and local marketing and promotion,

*Your website design and functionality,

*Your Client/Customer Funnel..

Everyday workplace needs, like:

*Solving difficult and challenging situations with staff, clients, customers, co-workers, family, romantic relationships, partners and everyone out there,

*Organizing, managing money, managing time, hiring and firing,

*Being a Business Siren through the ups and downs of your workplace, business and career trajectory – while staying happy, peaceful and productive, to…

*Gliding through workplace politics, @metoo frustrations, letting romance actually BE an option at work, and, most important:

*Learning how to “do” EVERYTHING from your feminine energy.

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Michelle x

From Rori – If you join The Business Siren Mastermind – I’ll be with you on the closed, private Siren Mastermind Facebook group, along with Mariah Grey. We’ll be there to help you with EVERYTHING: technical stuff, website building, external software necessaries, confusing ideas out in the internet, how to link a Customer/Client Funnel together, how to inspire and direct the staff you hire, how to prioritize what’s important, how to stand up to any man in any situation while wrapping him in your feminine energy and turning him to putty in your hands, how to get women in the workplace on YOUR side in everything you do, how to get The World to come knocking at the door to your business and want what you offer….so many things that make up our complex lives as women.

If you have questions, please just hit “reply” to this letter, or fill out any contact form on BusinessSiren.com or CoachRori.com.

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Love, Rori


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