Impact Him!

How To Use The Incredible Power Of Your Feminine Energy To Have The Man, And Everything Else In Life You Want...

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The New Siren Introductory Program From Rori Raye For Only $7!

We think of "impact" as a collision.

One thing meets another thing with force, and the result is violent.

One thing meets another thing with force - and one loses something, and one gains something - or, sometimes both lose something.

It could even be a collision of a thought.

Or a feeling.

The impactor - the one who is moving with more force than the other - could BE a feeling.

It could run over another feeling.

And sometimes - it can all happen inside you...

It can be a never-ending series of collisions of different thoughts, different feelings - all starting inside you

Or, the impactor could come from outside you - among the uncountable atoms and energies that enter your space and your body and your heart every single moment.

Even a feather-light piece of dust traveling through the air can impact you, touching your skin, sitting there.

An unseeable molecule of oxygen will pass into your mouth and travel to your lungs.

And keep you alive.

Something you see will enter your brain a visual, and turn into an emotional experience.

It will impact you.

So - let's look the other way around.

How do you impact everything else?

How do you impact a  man?

Is this what we mean by "you get under his skin"?

Is this your "influence" - where you change his entire trajectory as though he were a moving object in space - just by adjusting the impact of a teeny-tiny conversation?

Just by NOT colliding?

By grazing his mind and heart with a light, loving touch that results in him feeling love...

...rather than hitting him head-on with a punch to his self-confidence that results in him running in the other direction...

Impact is all of these things, and what I love about the word "Impact" is that it speaks of POWER!

So - is Feminine Impact still a collision?

And does "collide" have a meaning that makes a difference in the results you get?

If you spend your life trying to avoid "collisions" - does that get you  anywhere?

The thing is - you, and I, and the piece of dust all have impact.

Yes, in varying ways, at varying times.

In an environment that requires pristine surfaces - a piece of dust can have a tremendous impact.

A tiny bacterium or virus can have a tremendous impact in our bodies, and cause a call-to-arms of our white blood cells to an exhausting battle.

The Impact Program Focuses On These 5 Things:

1. What impacts you.

2. What happens inside you when you sense or feel impacted.

3. How to let everything that impacts you feel free to move about and out of you.

4. How you impact everything that isn't you

5. How to amplify your impact, by reducing your effort - moving from masculine energy to Feminine Energy

What You'll Get For Your $7:

  • The 9 Impact Videos, all of them around a minute long, except for #9, which recaps everything in around 9 minutes.


  • The Impact written Manual, derived from the Impact videos and made pretty, organized, and easy to read and put into Feminine Impact "Action" for your own life..



How do you impact the whole world?

It's actually all the same thing.

Feminine Energy is not a "docile thing".

It doesn't sit still in a corner and "be nice".

It doesn't let everyone else's ideas get heard first, and last and only.

It isn't a "support" position.

Feminine Energy is the "goal kicker" and the quarterback and the tackle.

Feminine Energy is the pilot AND the plane. Oh, and the air.

Feminine Energy is the molecule of life that allows us to be on this planet, at this time, in this way.

There's so much happening behind the scenes, in science, in medicine, in politics, in business, in attraction, and in love - and we only get to see, sense, read about, hear about only the tiniest of it.

We feel powerless just because we can't be everywhere at once.

We can't be behind the scenes at work, or behind the oval office desk, or in the helicopters and drones and satellites and rocket ships that look down at the earth as it really is.

We can only look at photos others take, at words others say.

We can only guess.

We can be as well-researched as we're able - or interested.

We can talk with smart people and good men.

We can learn.

But the truth is, we have power as women we're abdicating, day in and day out, even in the tiny corners of our own lives.

We have hopes and dreams, but we don't have faith in ourselves.

We feel prickly and angry at others without realizing that we're in charge of us.

Instead of stepping where we want to step, we add resentment to our steps and end up stepping "IN"  when all we had to do was stand where we want to stand - and then speak what we want to speak.

There are some people who can "go on tour".

They can travel the world as singers, dancers, actors, models, politicians, athletes, celebrities, soldiers, with retinues accompanying them, and a mission of passion to share.

And there are some of us who find being in the kitchen, or the backyard, or the bedroom a lifetime adventure.

It all depends on what you want, what you feel, and how brave you feel at any moment.

It all depends on the level and kind of Impact you're willing to experience.