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BONUS TIPS From Dominique:

Is it really possible to HAVE IT ALL – YOUR very own forever MAN, the one of your dreams, AS WELL AS your DREAM career?

Is it really possible to HAVE IT ALL – YOUR very own forever MAN, the one of your dreams, AS WELL AS your DREAM career?

I’m here to voice a resounding – YES!!! – it’s absolutely possible.

AND you can still remain very much in your feminine essence goddess energy no matter which realm you’re inhabiting.

And to really HAVE IT ALL, there are FOUR important aspects I would encourage cultivating and integrating within your BEING whether with YOUR MAN or whether at work as an entrepreneur or otherwise.

When with your man, it might feel much easier feeling your feminine essence goddess energy, stepping into her, allowing her to wrap her loving arms around you, fully envelop you, and permeate your entire BEING.

When at work though, it might not seem doable, maybe not even preferable. YET I would venture to say that not only do you want to keep her very close when having to call on your masculine energy to tackle tasks at hand, it’s totally possible to do so.

And this will begin with and BE all about YOUR BODY –

  1. Holdings and tensions – Being aware of what your body is doing and feeling at any given moment is key. And with practice, you can come to know immediately when tension takes hold and where. Until this becomes second nature, initially I would ask you to check in with yourself periodically throughout the day. Schedule time if necessary. Even two minutes will be sufficient.

And wherever you feel holdings or tension, BREATHE love into the area. Or better yet, try placing a hand there in loving suggestion to release, and let go. Imagine love pouring from your hand to soothe and ease the clenching. One of the lovely side benefits to this is that you get to give and receive love to and from yourself all at the same time which is so very beautiful and feels wonderful.

These brief ME TIME sessions are SO important for reconnecting to and renewing your feminine essence goddess energy self, especially when engaged in business oriented tasks YET this holds true when with YOUR MAN as well.

  1. SENSUALITY – By this I mean sensations which can include your sexuality though will not be the focus, yet if sexual feelings arise, FABULOUS.

Awakening your sensuality is about shifting your attention to YOU and what you FEEL on a sensory level which will also likely stimulate emotions. For example noticing the warm water, as it runs over your body while bathing. Or noticing your hands, as they move over ALL of your body parts while washing, including your breasts and vulva.

How does this all feel? Good? Delicious? Weird? Different? Do you feel soothed? More open? Expanded? Overwhelmed? At peace? Happy? Sad? Beautiful? Something else? Do you feel connected? To yourself? The Universe? Something or someone else?

How about when you smooth cream on your face and body? And when you dress, what do the fabrics feel like as they pull or drape over your skin?

Can you turn your touch into caresses?

And the feel of objects or small creatures against your fingertips and body – your precious pet, your coffee cup, the doorknob, keys, your computer keyboard, a book, the light switch, your bed and bedding, your car seat, couch, and so on.

Can you expand this and include maybe the air gently or more firmly brushing against your face or blowing your hair – aromas assailing your nose, such as cinnamon buns in the oven or the freshness of newly mowed grass – tastes on your tongue, such as newly brewed tea or the creaminess of yogurt slipping past your lips – images appearing before your lovely eyes, such as rich reds and golds of a sunset or the brilliant purple of early blossoming lilacs at your window – sounds in your ears, such as the purring of a cat or the dulcet tones of a symphony playing softly in the background?

ANYTHING you touch (or touches you), smell, taste, see, and hear can become incredibly sensuous when you open to this possibility.

To take all of your world in more fully and completely might mean slowing your movements down which I would encourage, yet it doesn’t have to. All it really requires is a shift within you – where you choose to place your attention.

Wouldn’t it feel so lovely turning your entire day into a heart filling, feminine essence goddess energy making sensual experience?

  1. CONTINUOUS FEMININE GODDESS ENERGY FLOW – With time, attention, patience, and gentleness, as you play with the ideas and suggestions above, you can learn to allow a continuous flow of feminine essence goddess energy no matter where you are, what you are doing, and whom you are with.

Maybe the best part in this is that she will likely feel more easily accessible, more fully tangible, all around you and in you when with YOUR MAN.

YET she can still BE fully with you when you have to draw on your masculine energy. You can invite her to sink down below your consciousness to flow beautifully, gently, and consistently beneath you, steadily supporting you when you have to DO when in business mode.

Whether you’re feeling a bit shaky around your man for whatever reason or even when you’re feeling amazing with him, whether you need/want a break, time to replenish and recharge, take the edge off or even eliminate completely irritation, feelings of feeling off which can arise when you’re having to DO for extended periods of time – which will likely be felt more acutely and more readily when you’ve been learning and loving BEING in your feminine essence goddess energy – she can still always be lovingly present no matter what.

You can drink from her font of feminine essence goddess energy wisdom, sink into her more completely whenever you wish, whenever you need her soft strength.

  1. ALLOWING THE FEMININE TO GUIDE AND PROPEL YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD – When you’re on the path of becoming more deeply in tune with your body, becoming more aware of your holdings and tension as well as all of the wonderful sensations which surround you and flow within you all the time, when you learn to TRUST and HONOR yourself and your feminine essence goddess energy wisdom, she will naturally and organically BE there to help you, guide you, LOVE you, as you propel your business forward.


xxoo Dominique



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