Interview With Jamee Light

jameellagardenJamee Light: is an amazing coach – and an amazing, amazing woman!

She will be the first to tell you that at age 70 – she’s having not only the best time of her life – but the best LOVE life of her life, the best SEX life of her life, and is dating multiple men of wealth, prestige, kindness, chivalry, and romantic natures, who each want to commit to her permanently.

If you’re struggling with the belief that there isn’t a Mr. Right for you out there, or that “all the good men are taken” – call Jamee.

She’ll coach you quick to fix everything in your life (Jamee also owns and is CEO of a huge architectural engineering firm, so she’s no slouch in the “powerful woman” realm…if you were thinking she was a “lady of leisure…”). She’ll get you doing exactly what she does, and hold your hand all through it.

Faster than you can imagine – she’ll have you having the great time she is…and feeling great about it.

Be sure to go to to pick up her freebie on “Musical Chairs Dating”!


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  1. stacey on April 21, 2016 at 6:32 am

    Im in love with this married man and also work with him! I want to be with him. Im seriously in love with him! How do I get him to commit to me and only me?