Interview With Love And Relationship Coach Valarie O’Ryan

valariecroppedValarie O’Ryan is one of the sharpest coaches I’ve ever met – and in this interview with her, just before Valentine’s Day – you’ll see why (and want to book a session with her immediately).

She “gets,” not just from her training and experience as a coach – but from her personal life and LEARNED ability to “Have It All” – exactly how to “switch hats” from her masculine to her feminine energy (and back again!) whenever she wants!

This makes it possible for her to WORK at her business full bore, totally Leaning In, completely committed and active in her boy energy – AND – to instantly melt into the arms of her man in “surrendered” girl energy.

Without blinking an eye, or struggling, or getting into her head to “figure it out.”

In this interview – she lays out some of her “How-To’s” that you can use, right now, to be successful in business and happy in love – at the same time!

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Love, Rori

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