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tatia home 2Tatia Dee – is an amazingly powerful, transformative coach.

In this interview about “Having It All,” Tatia talks about how relating to men in the workplace and relating to men in romance work for her:

Here’s a BONUS from Tatia!

Seven Simple Steps To Reconnect With Your Feminine Power:

Based On My Training, And Using The Rori Raye Method, I Developed Seven

Simple Steps To Reconnect With Your Feminine Power:

1. Power in the Energy Connection: Feminine Power and Masculine Power have a natural energy connection.  When a man and woman share a moment, an hour, a date, a relationship or even a life together, they’re in an Energy Connection . . .

2. Stopping Your Old Patterns and Focusing on You:  As you get accustomed to leaning back into your Feminine Power, you are going to realize how much you have been leaning forward!  Don’t beat yourself up over it . . . instead, just embrace it and use that reflection to become more aware of those old patterns . . .

3. Letting A Man Pursue You:  Let’s recap what we learned in Step One: when you lean back, a man will come forward towards you, closing up the space created between you by your leaning back . . .

4. Allowing Connection With A Man:  Connecting with a man means that you’re leaning back and allowing him to come towards you.  What he does once he closes in the space and reaches you is connection.

5. Processing Your Feelings:  Now that you’re at Step Five of reconnecting with your Feminine Power, you’re starting to feel changes in yourself and how you respond to a man.  Step Five is about putting words to your feelings . . .

6. Speaking Your True Feelings:  Now that you’re experiencing your feelings by putting them into words and writing them down in your journal, it’s time to let your words and actions match your feelings.  So often we women stuff down our feelings and “put on a face” to cover up our pain, anger, disappointment and fear.  Step Six is about stopping that and getting your truth out to the world, on your own terms . . .

7. The Good, The Clueless, The Difficult & The Toxic:  I could write an entire book for Step Seven, because it’s about our interactions with the opposite sex (I’ll be referring to men as “guys” in this step).  Step Seven is about changing your vocabulary and perception of the male species . . .

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