Is Your Man An Emotional Sponge?

Some people, some men are like “drain pipes.”

Like “sponges.”

They sponge up your energy and send it down their drain pipe.

You can feel the “sucking” happening.

Telling them this “turns you off” doesn’t really help unless they have a stronger center and can adjust and fix it in themselves.

More often, it’s a “narcissistic” quality that doesn’t go away.

You can experience this clearly with someone who’s a “narcissistic conversationalist.”

This looks like: they hardly know you’re there. You’re essentially a backboard for them.

They talk and talk. And if they listen, it’s out of politeness.

They aren’t really hearing, taking in or caring.

This can be completely independent of how they are as people.

A completely caring, lovely man can be a narcissistic conversationalist.

AND, a nice man can be a “drama queen.”

The way to work through these kinds of men is to NOT work through them, but to Circular Date through them.

This way, without “trying” or “efforting” – you begin to experience better-feeling men (just because, through sheer numbers and percentages, you’ll HAVE to encounter men who are NOT narcissistic conversationalists!.

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A Drama Queen is just another facet of a fellow who simply has never learned how to identify another person as another person, because he had to spend so much of his life looking out for getting every single one of his needs met by his own cleverness!

It’s these “flaws” in a man that somehow hook us.

Yes, it makes no sense. Why would we knowingly choose a man who isn’t instinctively looking out for us, but always seeing things fro HIS perspective, and his Needs? Just because we learned to do it that way.

And often, because a man we grew up with who saw the world only through his own eyes and needs is the only kind of man we identify with “love” – and with this kind of a man, our own needs seem “dirty,” irrelevant,” silly,” eaningless,” selfish” -and everything else we’ve come to accept.

So – how can you identify a man’s inner Drama Queen and NOT let it turn you off – but instead turn it around for HIM!?

It’s easy to say his Drama Queen is his little boy. The one whining for attention from his mother.

AND – it’s just as easy to say this is how he GOT attention – by calling attention to HIMSELF in wayshis mother RESPONDED TO!

So, if she went all ga-ga when he got excited about things SHE was excited about, or when he got all upset about things that were upsetting to HER – that’s one way he learned what “worked” for him.

Naturally, then, he’ll look for, attract, and yet NOT BE ATTRACTED TO a woman who responds to that same strategy!

Don’t let that be you.

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Love, Rori

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