Leigha Lake

leighabakerHi, I’m Leigha Lake.

I help women like YOU stop working so hard for love.

I’m a Certified Dating And Relationship Coach, but my real credential is my own dating experiences  – which resulted in marrying the love of my life.

Here are just some of the things I hear from women all the time – no matter how smart and beautiful they are:

  • I don’t understand why I’m not attracting the love of my life
  • I “hate” dating, and expect all men to let me down.
  • I think I’ve met Mr. Right – and he turns out to be just another guy who doesn’t know what he wants.
  • The man I’m with is withdrawing and withholding his attention and affection from me, starting arguments, backing away from sex, spending more time at work and with friends than with me, and telling me he’s “confused” about what he feels for me.
  • I’m starting to feel insecure – even though I started out totally confident while he was still “pursuing” me.
  • I’m thinking about him so much of the time, I feel almost like I’m losing myself and the confidence I used to have.
  • The logistics of my relationship are difficult – Long Distance, children, a very present “ex”

If you’re experiencing any of this – I can help you!

Here’s what some of my clients can tell you about working with me:

“I am recently married and have been trying to work out the kinks that come in any new marriage. After a late night text, asking for help, I finally took Leigha’s advice. My marriage has had a complete turn. Its incredible!!!”   Salt Lake City, UT

“I have been in a relationship with someone for a while and it began to feel like it was’t moving forward. I was confused about what to do, especially since I did not want things to end!  Since my session with Leigha, my relationship has progressed by leaps and bounds and I’m really happy with where we are.”          Eugene, OR

“After your class, I went home and instead of finding my husband and getting frustrated that the house was a mess, or asking him why he didn’t do what he said he was going to do, I did exactly what you said.” My husband came and found me, he asked me how my day was, I did and said what you told me, and he responded just like you said he would!!! He even told me that he was going to clean up his stuff, without me even asking him too!!! This is a miracle!! These last few days, he has been so affectionate and loving towards me, I can’t wait for the next class!!!”         Salt Lake City, UT

“I talked to my ex-husband yesterday…it was so crazy, he was so nice to me!! So amazing! I feel like he is going to be excellent practice for me. He responded exactly like you said!”  Paris, France

“The people closest to me in my life are asking me what I’m doing. My ex-husband has had a total turn around. I went to Leigha’s class, wanting to learn new tools before I started dating again. I didn’t have anyone to “practice” with yet, so I practiced with my ex-husband and he really did respond just like she said.” Salt Lake City, UT

“Leigha has been a blessing in my life. I feel liberated inside myself from her helping me understand and express my emotions. She is unique as a coach in that she doesn’t tell you what you “should” be doing or that what you are doing is “wrong”. She is full of compassion, understanding, loyalty, and is very reliable and responsive. Rather than having a “one size fits all” approach, she instead allows you to come to her, express yourself, and easily adjusts to what is going on unique to your own life’s journey helping you make it work right for you.” – Nancy Hayssen, Author of Sexy at Any Size! as seen on CBS Entertainment Tonight, Fox News and media worldwide

Hi Leigha, You really are good at this! Everything you say to me is so dead on. You seem to know exactly what I need – and what my next step is – before I do!! Lastly I have been noticing my masculine side kicking in a lot and I’ve had two men tell me that it’s the “sweet side” (in other words the feminine) that they like so much. I can’t wait for our next session! ~ Daisy Ann – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Leigha has the gift of getting to the essence of an issue and explaining, clearly and simply, how to resolve it.  When dealing with emotional matters, my head can get clouded. Her insight and confidence feel reassuring. I trust her ability to steer her clients towards their hearts desires.  Rose – San Diego, CA

What I’ve learned, practiced and now coach – about men and relationships – WORKS!

You can get on the fast track to True Love!

  • You really can finally attract the man you love and desire, and finally stop feeling anxious and insecure.
  • You’ll no longer have to spend your precious time, energy and love trying to “analyze” what a man is thinking or where the relationship is going – you’ll KNOW!
  • You’ll know the “10 Major Relationship Road Signs” – and you’ll know how to never accidentally “misread” them ever again!

As a woman – you’re supposed to feel secure, loved and cherished from the start of your “right relationship” to life long commitment – that’s the way it’s supposed to work!

Somehow, though, we women have been taught the opposite! And so we find ourselves in all the “wrong” situations over and over again.

If you’re not having the success you want in love, if what you’re doing and saying right now isn’t working for you, I can help you learn how to “do it differently” – in a way that WILL work for you…

…A new way that will bring love to you (and in ways you’ve never imagined) – instead of the
“old way” that’s accidentally blocking love.

Is this your year to finally have the man and love you want?



From Rori: Leigha is amazing: charming, REAL, and she not only has the personal success story to prove she knows what she’s doing – she has the track record with clients to prove how brilliantly she USES what she knows to help YOU – quickly.

Go directly to her website www.LeighaLake.com and quickly download her “Love Map” – it will make a difference for you right away–>>