Love Forever Live Weekend With Rori Raye!

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First time ever!

You’ll be one of 8 women in my living room, working on love, romance, relationship, and every single situation you’ve ever been in or are experiencing now – with FIXES for everything!

Here’s how we’ll do it:

Show up at 7 (or whenever you can) at my home (I’m in Los Angeles, 15 minutes from LAX) on Friday night October 16th, 2015.

We’ll sit around in a circle in my living room, snacking, taking notes (you’re welcome to record on your phone as long as you don’t give it or sell it to anyone else!) and getting to know each other as I go around the circle and start working with you individually.

I did this kind of “Siren Circle” long ago, when I was just starting out…and I’ve longed to do it ever since I had to give it up to do larger events and programs.

I’ll tune into you immediately and find the different layers of what you’re going through, and this way, I can work with you instantly and all through the weekend on both the deepest layers of your experience, and the Tools we can use to FIX whatever’s not working for you.

We’ll roleplay, we’ll script, we’ll do Feeling Messages in tons of real life situations, and you’ll go home not only with an “Action Plan” to fix the challenge, but with “change” already occurring inside you from the actually fun work we’ll be doing together. AND – you’ll walk away with new “sisters” to talk with when you get home who truly “get” you!Levine_Proofs_034

Here’re the forms to sign up:

Love Forever Live Weekend Pay In Full $695–>>

Love Forever Live Weekend 3 Monthly Payments of $234–>>

Once your payment goes through, I’ll get you directions to my home, my private cell phone number if you get lost, and a list of the hotels and places in my neighborhood.

If you have any questions, here I am!:

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Love, Rori