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Join The Love Forever In 12 Weeks Live Coaching Program With Rori Raye, Helena Hart, and Rori Raye Certified Coaches!

Optimized-0608263003(1)Hi, This is Rori...

If you're enduring the back-and-forth of a "Rubberband Man," suffering through the challenges of a man who's "closed off," "difficult," and withholding - or longing for love and feel like there's no good man out there for you - I can help.

Every day with my clients I come up with new Tools to help you turn your love life into what you want it to be - fast, and now you can experience the amazing, dramatic love-life turn-around my private clients get by joining my "Love Forever" Program.

Love is not about doing...

And yet, when seemingly nothing gets done - we instinctively panic.

All of us.

When the man doesn't show up, when the man shows up but doesn't step up into the relationship, when a man steps up but it just isn't enough... We panic.

We want to run, and we want to fight. Everything we want to do, everything we learned to do hasn't ever worked for us, because it's all about the wrong roads.

The Love Forever live Coaching Program is here to change that in 12 weeks.

Love Forever is here to give you another road to go down - one that works! - when what seems to be happening doesn't match what you want.

It's the Modern Siren Road, and in 12 weeks, we'll uncover the patterns of the roads that aren't working for you.

We'll identify and shift what's getting in your way – specifically and uniquely – and teach you how to use the Love Forever Tools to get you walking down the Modern Siren road with all its facets.

* You'll master Circular Dating (no matter WHAT your situation!), and begin to instinctively and simply be you - 100 percent of the time (whatever that looks like and no matter how scary it feels).

* You'll learn exactly how to be in your powerful, feminine, soft self 100 percent of the time (even when you're at work and running errands…).

* You'll learn how to turn around your sex life, rekindle your marriage, transform a difficult and challenging man and relationship into a solid, fully satisfying connection that'll astound you, wrap you in a feeling of safety and being loved.

image2Joining me in teaching and coaching you through the Love Forever Tools will be the great coach Helena Hart, who I trained in 2013 to be a Rori Raye coach, and who has now become a "guru" thousands of women rely on.

Love Forever teaching and coaching will be shared by me, Helena, and Rori Raye Master Coach Teachers and Coaches, so you'll get many brilliant points of view and coaching experiences.

The difference Love Forever coaching will make in your life is unbelievably quick and dramatic - and if you think 12 weeks is too fast to get what you want - we'll turn that thought around, too - because your life can change (just like a man can change) on a dime.

Love Forever is a school for love, only we won't be doing it with our thinking caps.

We'll be feeling our way through everything - as you begin to unwind your lifetime of practice walking the wrong roads, and set foot on the Modern Siren Road to your Happy Ever After.

Learning to live in your "soft," complete with learning to speak in new, Modern Siren words, will change your beliefs about what's in store for you!

Once You Join The Love Forever In 12 Weeks Program -

Here's What You'll Get:

1. 24 Live Love Forever Teleclasses the safe, warm, loving and supportive Love Forever group teleconference setting - where you'll be personally, step-by-step, coached through the Love Forever Tools in each class session.

These classes will take place by teleseminar (you can use your phone, Skype, or your computer's microphone to participate in the classes!) on 12 Mondays at 11am PST, and 12 Wednesdays at 5:30pm PST. This way - no matter where in the world you live, you'll be able to attend class!

Using the amazingly successful, unique Rori Raye Modern Siren coaching method, you'll be immersed in a coaching experience  that will transform your specific love situation more quickly than you can imagine.

In addition to the actual live coaching, direction and assignments you'll get in Monday and Wednesday classes:

2.  Personal email access to Rori Raye herself, every day, where I'll answer your questions, "script" you, and be there for you as things change for you quickly...

3.  Access to the Love Forever, private, closed Facebook group, monitored by a Rori Raye Coach.

4.  Four private, one-hour coaching sessions with one of my brilliant Rori Raye Coaches!!!

5.  Written material, Worksheets and Questionnaires, 30+ hours of audio recordings of the original "Love Forever" program, and weekly recordings of the Love Forever classes as you go through them - PLUS:

6.  Bonus: My interview with my husband about how our marriage works...

Love Forever begins on Monday, March 27th !

If You're Ready To Draw Him In, Feel His Heart Connect With Yours, And Have His Love Forever, Begin Here-->>

Here's How It Works:

Week 1: On the 27th, you'll come to the first Love Forever Live teleseminar - where both I and Helena Hart will work with you personally, over a teleconference line in the safe, warm, loving and supportive Love Forever group teleconference setting.

We'll be on the line beginning at 11am, going to 12:00pm, and then I'll be back again with Helena at 5:30pm on Wednesday, and staying until 6:30pm to make sure you get the personal time you need.

From the moment we begin, you'll have complete, every-day email access to me! I'll answer your questions, give you feedback on anything that's happening in your life, and help you with anything you need. I answer quickly, usually within hours - and this is the primary coaching Tool of the entire Love Forever program - working with me live through email.

Weeks 2-9: Beginning the following Monday and then Wednesday, you'll begin working with the 6 Love Forever Tools taught and coached by Helena Hart.

The hours on Mondays and Wednesdays will be the same. Helena will both teach you the Tools, and then help you apply them specifically to your own life, exactly what's going on now, for a fast turnaround.

In these weeks, you'll begin working with your personal coach in privately scheduled hour-long sessions.

Week 10 & 11: Monday and Wednesday class will be taught by Rori Raye Master Coach Teachers, so you can get different points of view, and different coaching to propel you forward. You'll also continue your private coaching sessions with your personal coach.

Week 12: Final classes on Monday morning and Wednesday evening will be taught and coached by Rori to complete your Love Forever experience.

Here's Some Of What's Covered In The Love Forever Recordings You Can Instantly Access:

The Dynamics of Making Him Fall For You

* The Energy Bubble Of Love and how to bring a man close instead of pushing him away

* Dialing a man to his Love Channel no matter WHAT's going on with him

* How to make INTIMACY feel "natural" to a man - even if he's scared (and you are, too!)- so you can create real emotional closeness with him - even a man you haven't met yet!

* Why a man thinks the way he does - and how you can leverage that to compel him to want you even more, and WANT to commit to you forever... all on his own...

* How to create real, genuine, mind-blowing, deeply emotional INTIMACY - even though it feels totally "wrong" and you're as scared of it as a man is...

* How to turn a man around "on a dime" - no matter what things are like now (the worse things are, the FASTER this will work)

* How to use the tools in my programs - and all the new ones I made up during the recording of Love Forever, and will make up in all the new teleclasses - for YOUR specific, unique situation (no matter how unusual or difficult your situation may feel - I'll find a way to make the Tools specific for YOU)

* What commitment means to a man, and how to get him to commit to taking YOU to YOUR "Happy Ever After"

* How to shift your "vibe" so that a man can FEEL you - even if you're across the world from him! This works great to cure his missing phone calls and texts and get you back on track contact and connection-wise

*The Key To Love - Thrills and Safety: Opening yourself up to love so HE'LL open up and LOVE you!

* How to make him jump off his bachelor "ship" of "freedom" and choose to bind himself to you forever on Siren Island

* How to undo the damage, replace what doesn't work with what DOES work to create love, and break down his (and your) blocks to love.

* How to mesmerize him with your "poetry of you"

* How to ramp up your natural "magnetism" so he'll automatically be AWARE of you. You'll be on his mind and in his heart in a deep, profound, powerful way.

* Create more love by focusing on YOU instead of on HIM - That's so easy to just "say" - and I'll teach you HOW to DO it!

*Nuts-and-bolts of Scripting, Circular Dating (even if you're married...), and Healing Your Old Patterns With Toxic Men

* How to use your emotions - even the ones none of us want to feel - to bind him to you everlastingly

* How to use the Relationship Rollercoaster - and even a man's "Rubberband" instincts - to your ADVANTAGE

* How to quickly shift your "vibe" from the moment you wake up - to the moment you wake up the next day to ATTRACT him more

***AND AS AN ADDED BONUS - you'll have access to a recording of me interviewing my husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine!
rori jeff zeke croppedI ask, and he answers about how we make our marriage work and how he knew I was the one -

You'll hear everything you've wanted to know about how I pulled my marriage back from the brink of disaster, and what deep connection looks like....!
Jeffrey will answer:

*Why he chose me
*What is the glue that holds us together
*What devotion means to a man
*How a man recognizes that you're "his ONE"
*What a man wants and why he stays...
*What pushes a man away
*How a man wants to be talked to
*What love is from a man's point of view
*How to create an Umbrella of Safety...


*You're struggling and trying and working hard to meet the right man for you, to get him interested all the way to forever...or...

*You're struggling with a man you're already in a relationship with to get him to LISTEN to you, to HEAR you, to SEE you, to GET you, to GIVE you what you need - love, affection, tenderness, attention, conversation, commitment, devotion, peace and harmony and great sex...

"Love Forever" will help you...

The cost of the entire 12 intense week program is $2997.00 You can pay all at once, or with a 3-pay plan.

Love Forever will take you through a 12 week "Love School" that's not about "putting on your thinking cap" - but about taking OFF your thinking cap!

Love Forever will help you rip off any masks you're wearing, shift all the old patterns, habits and bad information that've been wearing you down for so long, get you off the wrong roads you're trudging down day-after-day - and get both feet squarely on the Modern Siren Road to your Happy Ever After!

I am only taking 10 women into Love Forever in 12 weeks, because this isn't just "talk." I want to make sure you and I connect, that I'm able to inspire and motivate you to get what you want in a completely different way than anything you've ever learned before about men and relationships.

To talk with a Love Forever Coach about the Love Forever In 12 Weeks Program and how it can help you, contact me personally here (in the "Message" field - write me a bit about yourself, your current situation in your love life, and anything else you'd like me to know!) :

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If You're Ready To Draw Him In, Feel His Heart Connect With Yours, And Have His Love Forever, Begin Here-->>

I so look forward to working with you! Love, Rori