Love Is a Tornado Of Emotion

Here’s the Transcript:

We’ve just had our first real tornado warning.

Not a watch, but a warning.

We went down to the basement.

Here’s Zeke: he made it down the stairs for the first time.

I was most worried about the trees.

They were blowing so furiously, but it’s amazing how they hold up.

And now it’s gorgeous.

It’s just absolutely gorgeous.

I love St Louis, and I love weather

Who knew?

It makes me feel that the unpredictable, the not knowing what’s going to happen every moment … that’s what life is.

We’re always so anxious about the unpredictable being a bad thing, a scary thing, or an unpleasant or painful thing.

If we live in that anxiety, then that becomes our life, that kind of expectation.

So, I love the fact that every minute here I don’t know whether it’s going to rain or be sunny, be hot or be cold.

I would like to take that approach to all of my life.

Whatever’s going to happen: wow, it’s something new.

So, thank you St Louis.

Thank you, weather.

Thank you, basement.

I hope everybody’s okay across the United States.

Everybody was down in their basement this time.

And thank you to the friend with whom I was texting the whole time.

Small things can be adventures.

Love is an adventure, but it’s all about tiny, itty, bitty things.


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Rori Raye