Hi, This Is Rori, and so happy to have you in my Siren Community:


If You're Finding Yourself In A Situation Where:

...Everything feels a bit stuck...the "Why" of  "What you want" is somehow overwhelming the Want - and you're so constantly inundated by "have to's" instead of 'Want-to's" it's hard to even take a moment to think. Or breathe...

...Time seems to disappear when you want some for yourself...

♥ ...And when you finally DO get "me time" - you're too tired to do what you Want, and end up just distracting yourself or doing chores...

♥ You're high-powered, high-functioning and highly-motivated in so many parts of your life...and it's no fun anymore... 

♥ ...So you're constantly caught in a tug-of-war between "work" life and "love life", and feeling forced to decide which one - business success or love - is more important.

♥ It's like you have to choose which one to "work harder" on...

3 Desires Masterclass

If you're at all like I was...

...perhaps you've started to accept the idea of "settling" for a "decent" work life and a "whatever" love life as: "good enough".

Only, it isn't.

It never is.

I remember being there, feeling pulled in so many different directions - and then, nearly accidentally, I learned that:

I could feel both like "myself" as a woman, and like a "mover-and-shaker" - all at the same time.

I started to feel way more powerful, way more "heard", and way less stressed - by feeling "softer".

And then my clients discovered they could feel both soft and powerful, too...

That Feminine Energy wasn't just "a thing" - but an actual "state of being" that absolutely created power in the Workplace.

For only $7, Go Deeper Into Your Own "3 Desires"

In The 3 Desires Masterclass - now a video program you can watch, listen to and download - you'll get Tools to tune into your Desires (without having to "carve out time" you don't feel like you have right now) - and literally change everything:

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The 3 Desires Are:

To Be Seen

To Be Free To Feel

To Be Safe

The problems happen for us when these 3 Desires come into conflict - and that happens so much of the time, we can hardly catch our breath.

We can hardly find a moment to sink down into even ONE of these Desires.

The Thing Is: A Business Siren Gets To Have What She WANTS...

You can do "nothing" whenever you desire, and "fly into action" whenever you desire - without ever leaving your feminine self...

You can do and get everything you want because all your power, allure, smarts, instincts, intuition, action - everything is sourced by your Desire. Your WANT.

Your DESIRE is the key to what moves the universe.

Once I discovered this – it was like the whole world opened up to me.

*I realized how deeply and painfully I’d been hiding my talents, my skills, my nerdiness, my ambition, my brains and my desires for acknowledgment of my work.

*I’d been totally denying my “wants” for financial security and a feeling of accomplishment – thinking all of that “success” would make me intimidating and completely undesirable as a woman.

If I was able to turn things around for myself, I know you can, too. I look forward to hearing how The 3 Desires work for you, in your unique situation.

Love, Rori